Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tyson Steele Associates Christmas Dinner

The one guaranteed date night John and I can count on in the busy month of December is the Tyson Steele Associates Christmas dinner.   It's always an opportunity to dress up a little classy and dine extravagantly - for sure the fanciest food we eat all year.  

This year, it landed on a Tuesday - and was relatively early, so we quickly passed Whitley off to Travis and I changed into something a little less "nanny-like".   

We arrived at the same time Tyson did, so he was able to take a picture of us before we walked in.  It also gave us an opportunity to give his wife, Gjusta, her very own container of fudge - a bonus she gets on top of the other goody treats.  This year we dined at the Excelsior Inn - right on campus.  It was a very chilly night - it always seems to be (frequently it's snowed) on the dates we have this festive company dinner.

This isn't really a group that gets a kick out of posing for pictures, so I tend to not make a big effort in taking them of folks in the group - but here's a pic of the menu for our evening.  The food was delicious - the filet mignon John and I both chose was AMAZING!  (Though, I'm just gonna say that Costco makes a better Carrot Cake than they do….).

Conversation was pleasant and I got the chance to especially catch up with Gjusta and Daniel's wife (John's favorite buddy at work), Genna.  Gjusta was, AGAIN, very generous in her gifts to us ladies - a gorgeous ornament, special Christmas soap and tray, and the favorite for me….a gift certificate to Bello.  Bless you, Gjusta!

All in all - a fun date night for the two of us - and although its crazy trying to get some time to ourselves in December, it was so rewarding - just connecting, conspiring, and being goofy with the person I get to spend the re

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