Thursday, December 18, 2014

Day That Are Merry and Bright (Even When the Weather's Not)

I'm trying to put these blog posts together, and sometimes there are pictures that just kind of get thrown together.  That was the case for this post - chronicling the last week Whitley and I had together before Christmas  break.

First up, hanging out with Alysha.  We had been trying to coordinate a good time together, but difficult schedules and difficult headaches had mucked up our efforts.  So, with time running out, I asked if she'd like to help me run an errand I needed to make happen anyway - a trip out to Mom and Dad's to deliver presents so they could be pre-placed under the tree on Christmas morning.  

I had talked to Whitley into the idea with the suggestion we'd be able to see the horses and feed them carrots.  She talked about it throughout our short visit - and while Mom did a quick adjustment for me (Bless you, Alysha for keeping Whitley occupied during that time!).

However, when the horses came into view, Whitley decided she was a little scared of them.  She was okay to watch from a distance - she definitely found that enchanting - but up close was too scary!

Alysha, on the other hand, no problem at all with the horses and feeding them - though we had to remind her to keep her hand flat or else she'd lose a finger (which was much better than Whitley who thought she could just throw the carrots at the horses like she does treats for the dogs!).  

My mom is such a cutie - and River and Celila did an EXCELLENT job posing!

Later that week, we actually took a walk - (Exercise actually happened in December, NO WAY!)  It was very chilly though, but that was hardly a deterrent for this one who was so happy to be reunited with her sand at the park. 

Fortunately, I had a great excuse to pull her back home from the park.  We had a guest that would be arriving soon to our house, as we got to watch Elsie while Christi went had one of her pregnancy check-ups.  

I tried so hard with my camera to get some fun Christmas lights shots of her and Whitley - but they were too busy moving around to work with me. 

The Christmas hats and aprons were big hits for Elsie.  That girl is just growing and changing so much - I have a feeling when we are reunited again after the holiday break - she'll seem like a whole different kid!

Finally, the picture taken while waiting for Brayden on his final day of school.   We were all in happy spirits.  I love that Whitley's favorite play toys in the weeks leading up to this have been the Playmobil and Little People Christmas figures.  Her reindeer and Santa were absolute necessities for road trips.  

It's really not that hard to keep the "Be Merry" emphasis the focus with this one around. 

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