Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ah Sunriver, We've Arrived!

Yes, for sure..."IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR".  Especially, when we are blessed enough to be able to arrive to a stunning home (new to us this year), with such incredible family (affectionately titled the "Schitelys" - a laughable combination of all of our last names), and even a light blanket (well, more like "sheet") of snow on the ground.  

We weren't able to check in until 4pm, so that allowed for a little bit less of a chaotic loading process the day after Christmas.  I was able to steal away to Target to grab a prescription with Michele, Michael took a trip to Cabela's - and we got half price Subways for the whole crew to eat en route.  

It was a beautiful drive over - sunshine was bright, but temps were still brisk.  And, upon arrival in Bend, there was actually snow on the ground there too - making for a fun stop at Fred Meyer for our more "perishable" food purchases (along with extra junk food, because if you drag the kids in with us, that's what happens).  

We found our new home, no problem - and even after having revisited the pictures dozens of times since last year, the real thing was even better than we expected.  I don't think we'll be on the hunt for a new one until perhaps new additions begin joining the family (which, I'm not in any hurry for!).  (Unless a sibling for Whitley?  That would be FUN!). 
Whitley appeared to be on Cloud Nine all week long - she, of course, wanted attention from all of us, but this little one had so many people to choose from, she rarely had a down moment.   (Which explains why her naps were virtually nonexistent...). 

I love this little "Drumstick" collage of her expressions of anticipation in getting a bite of ice cream from her mommy...
We decided to wait until Saturday morning to open presents, so once all of the kids (FINALLY) woke up, we began passing them out.  


 Someone was a little excited...

Brayden decided to switch parents for the event.  =)

Whitley scored big with the presents - a bouncy-bull, a baby-care set, yarn-snowflakes Mikayla made for her to play with...

And, everyone else scored too.  Lots of gift cards for the adults, and gaming stuff for the kids...

Young Living Essential Oils' Deep Relief - an item coveted by Travis, Stephie, and myself to nearly eradicate pain.  

I wrap my own presents from our family for Sunriver - and one of them was this Target Black Friday Doorbuster.  Such a cozy blankie!

A big hit for Whitley - the tricycle-looking scooter from the Schillings...

While I like this picture of Michele and I, I can't help reading into it knowing what was REALLY going on.  If that smile doesn't look 100% genuine, it's because it wasn't.  I was hurting.  I felt okay enough to function, but it was more than a distraction.  Kind of a consuming thing.  And, stupid me, while I thought I did okay in bringing meds to help me out, I found them quickly disappearing - particularly the Essential Oil "Morphine Bombs" that wonderfully helped the most, but sadly, I only had two doses of.  (Seriously, Steph - that was stupid preparation!!!)

The other gift I'd wrapped for myself was a TENS Unit, that I used all over different locked up parts of my back and neck.  It was helpful, and distracted the issue, in much the seem way that the Young Living Deep Tissue Roll-On was, but it didn't eradicate the problem.  I had begun feeling a little lousy Christmas night (Thursday) and it was still not gone by this Saturday morning.  I think that realization was almost more disheartening than the pain itself. 

Our guy may be lean - but he's kind of got some guns...

Adorable pic of Stephie with a mug that Ellie gave her.  

The final gift was a big one for Whitley - the Karaoke Machine we felt compelled to give her after that special trip to Costco where she first checked one out.  

She figured it out right away - and was ready to proudly give her rendition of "Let It Go".  

But, bless her heart, she was willing to share the spotlight too...


"Your turn, Ellie!".  

Even a massive headache couldn't erase the kind of joy of this moment....

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