Monday, December 29, 2014

Strikes, Gutter Balls, and Spares at Lava Lanes

Bowling on Mikayla's birthday...not even sure what year or why that tradition began - but it sure has stuck.  And, thanks to the upgrades at Lava Lanes in Bend, we're now able to add "Birthday Lunch" to the mix.  And, what quality food that is, huh?  Nothing but the best for our kids!  (Need I even point out that it IS vacation?!!!)

This superstar turned into a teenager today, so it was time to celebrate. 

Whitley was a little slow to show up for the party.  Despite every effort to keep her awake until after the festivities (for the ride back), she fell asleep five minutes prior to arrival, so Steph kept the car running and hung out watching the snow fall from within their vehicle in the parking lot for about a half hour.  What a good mom.

That 35 minutes was all Whitley needed to get her second wind and come in ready to play!

I think it should be noted that prior to this bowl, I had two strikes in a row, but was willing to sacrifice my potentially awesome score to let this little gal throw the ball with me.  (Who am I kidding?  Those first two were a fluke - I'm just setting myself up for a convenient excuse!). 

The birthday girl and her daddy...

It should be pointed out that Whitley ABSOLUTELY ADORES TRAIG.  And Ellie comes in a close second.  Those two are her favorites - who she asks for most.  Traig can always illicit the best smiles and laughter from Whitley...

IN CONTRAST....this picture speaks a THOUSAND WORDS of the relationship between Whitley and Brayden.  There's no novelty with Brayden and they treat each other just like siblings would.  Yes, he's obviously a step up nicer than he is with Mikayla (I should hope so), but he's constantly teasing her, renaming her toys, pestering, etc.  And, this is how Whitley responds.  I LOVE THIS PIC - and the few following - such perfect sum-ups of how these two relate.

You know Michael is having a great time when he starts intentionally photo-bombing our pictures...

Everybody took turns helping Whitley bowl - which led to the least paid-attention scoreboard of all the games we've played together.  

I don't know what made Whitley so temporarily sad here, but know that she really didn't stay that way for long.  

Another selfie by Mikayla - that girl has mad skills!  I love how our group is all smiling - and then there's Whitley, yawning, as if she's bored of it all....

And, then there's the bowling that was posted on Instagram before we even got home.  Check out that snow fall in the parking lot!

Thanks again, Mikayla, for being willing to share your birthday with us instead of your girl friends in Eugene - and giving us such a great excuse to leave the cozy house and play together...

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