Sunday, December 28, 2014

Headed to the Spa...Maybe

I went to bed Saturday night praying a lot that my headache would be gone by the time I woke up.  It wasn't.  Instead it was worse.  I joined Michele in the hot tub early that morning hoping that the Mucinex and Sudafed would kick in to overdrive with the sinus aspect of the pain and perhaps satisfy all of the problems, but after about an hour, it was clear that would not be the case.  

The biggest bummer at this point was not necessary the level of pain, but rather how long it had been going on and what it was preventing.  I was - as I've described before - just a shell of a person, and felt like I was watching from a distance as my awaited-for-all-year Sunriver vacation was slipping away without me.   This picture was taken that morning - and it was an effort to even pose.... (For once, the scrunchy eye pic was a good thing as my eyes were all puffy and face felt swollen anyway). 

Sunday was the day Michele, Steph, and I had designated for our annual trip to Sage Springs Spa.  As is the plan each year, we set up mid-afternoon treatments, but arrive around 10ish to literally soak it all in.   By about 9:45, I found myself thinking, "If I go with them to the spa right now, I will wish the entire time I was laying down - and end up in a vehicle in the parking lot trying to stay warm in sub-freezing temps...."  Wisely, I chose to let them head over without me, praying that the nap and ice packs would finally turn things around.  

I also put an appeal out.  While not usually one to want beg for help for myself, I felt like God was questioning why pride would keep me from asking for prayer.  (In my head, I already feel so spoiled, it just seems horrible to ask for anymore than I have already been given....).  So, I did a compromise and put this on Instagram - and some very special people indeed came to my rescue in prayer.   (And, perhaps more than those that even commented). 

And, what do you know, but in that hour-long nap that I took on my own (wondering if I'd wake to my alarm only to beg to get my spa money back if needing to cancel), the pain receded.  

It wasn't 100% immediate, but steadily it was disappearing - and by the time I joined my pals to take this pic in our spa oasis...I realized the constant nemesis I'd been fighting for three days was defeated.   So, this... this is a genuine smile!

Also one by Michele  - every year I feel it necessary to remind myself just how cool this hot tub/spa is.  

The delicious lunch Michele had packed for me to dine on in the Serenity Room (thanks Chele for taking pity on me!) also elicited a "delicious" smile (not having an appetite in Sunriver is like the ultimate waste....).  And, the Hot Stone Massage I had was also helpful.  However, my therapist splits her time as a massage therapist for Rodeo participants, and I found myself at times feeling like she was trying to break her own bronco in the intensity she took to the knots along my shoulders, neck, and throat.  Helpful....I think so....I definitely had knots needed to be dealt with.  However, nearly a week later my throat is still sore from her trying to apply pressure all the way up the muscle lines on each side.  I don't think I'll be requesting this gal next year....

So, Sunday will be remembered by me as the big TURN-AROUND day of the trip.  Not even just for me and how I was feeling, but also for the weather.  As it was Sunday night when the snow started
falling and kept falling....which was a total delight to the kids who took over the hot tub that night.   Thanks God, for not only answering prayers for my own healing, but making our winter wonderland requests come true as well!

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