Wednesday, December 03, 2014

No Charlie Brown Tree for This Family!

We got to do a double Christmas tree run this year.  Bring on the fun!  We were informed by our family friend, Sharon Carroll, that the tree farm where we usually pick out our tree was low on "extra tall" trees this year, and she asked if those of us "friends and family" would tag our large tree at their farm further away in advance, and then, when it came time to want to bring it home, they would have it available for us at the closer farm.  Sounds great to us!  So this particular adventure happened a couple of weekends prior to Thanksgiving...

It was a gorgeous, albeit cold, morning.  And, with us having arrived before everyone else, Sharon was easily able to take a family picture.  Had we not already put together our Christmas card, this might have been a contender.

And, this tree was a contender fact, it was almost the winner, but at the last minute, we traded out the ribbon we'd already placed on it for another one.  Maybe next year... ;)

Fast forward to the Sunday after Thanksgiving, our traditional day of picking out our Christmas tree and here we are at the original farm, Carroll's Country Christmas Tree Farm.  

Really, family?!

They do such a great job of making this farm festive...

I asked Brayden to take a pic of Mikayla and I - and none of them were worth posting...thanks for the action shot, hon. 

Put that kid to work sawing down the bonus-room tree...

And then, Mikayla...

Not a bad "Family Selfie" - much better photography job by Brayden than the one with the tree =)

I don't want to be shallow, but this is a job I don't enjoy - so John having his full strength back this year to put on 18+ strands of Christmas lights made me very happy.  Especially since I was starting to get a headache by the time we got home.

Mikayla single-handedly took care of the bonus room tree as Brayden was also not feeling well, and sadly, our tree had to remain un-ornamented until early Wednesday waiting for me to contend and finally overcome my migraine.  But, I guess the wait made the end result that much more special.

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