Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's Not Rockefeller Center...But It's Perfect for Us

Shhh.  Don't tell anyone, but I allowed my kids to play hookey on Friday.  It's no big deal for Mikayla - she's so caught up with school and organized, she can handle it.  Brayden - well, he's another story - and with him being in a college-prep high school...absences tend to be a bigger deal.  So, we prepped his teachers ahead of time and given his school was already ending 2 hours early, we hoped for the best and went for it.  It was made easier knowing John was already heading up north for his follow up contact appointment (all good news - and he is no longer needed to be seen up at OHSU from here on out!).  

Traig is a junior.  That leaves this year and next year to have the "control" factor in his life to dictate these sorts of activities.  Brayden is just one year behind him.  [Insert weeping and gnashing of teeth right now].  So, we are trying our hardest to savor these special traditions as much and as long as we can.  

Off to Lloyd Center we went...

Lately, it seems, our best group photos are all taken in "Selfie Format"....

My kids were struggling with their attitudes towards each other on this day.  I told them Santa was, at least they posed for this one.  

We were trying to take a selfie together and a kind gentleman (a "semi-professional" at the rink) offered to take a pic of us.  It didn't turn out - we preferred this version better.  ;)

While maybe not the most popular, upscale mall in Portland - we appreciate all that Lloyd Center has to offer - and their annual holiday decor visible from the rink.  

This kid was in a FANTASTIC mood all day.  And because of that, I thought I'd tackle him and ended up causing us both to tumble with me taking quite a hit to the tailbone.  Not an issue until I go to sit down and then I remember that happened....(still)...

Both Traig and Nati have grown SO MUCH this year!

Mikayla has grown too....just not as much.  =)

Happy cousins...

Every year, I take a chance to pull out my inner Dorothy Hamill.  What can I say?  I'm a superstar!  ;)

This was the first - or maybe last of a series of selfie attempts we took.  All the rest were ruined by Brayden's photobombing sabotage...

I think it makes it just funnier that Traig refused to participate in this photo stunt.

These two cousins get along pretty well too.... =)

Kind of magical, huh?!  Especially with the nostalgic Christmas music played through the speakers.

Michele put this photo collage together with a few extra photos of her and her kids thrown in from what I had.  Outside of a few sibling spats, and a few skating splats - it was another, quite ideal, visit to our own version of Rockefeller Center's Ice Skating Rink....

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