Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Day Morning!

Ahhhhh, Christmas morning!  Every year it looks a little different, in terms of when I wake up, what's still to be done - etc.  On this morning - John and I were awake before 4am (our sleep schedules have been all sorts of messed up) - and took advantage of the quiet of the morning to prepare for breakfast, time at Mom and Dad's and the next day's departure to Sunriver.  Given I'm someone who likes all my ducks in a row for big days like this - the extra time is a HUGE blessing.  We watched "Elf" together in the kitchen until about 6:30am when the kids alerted us that they were awake and ready to get going with present opening!

Lest you think we go way too overboard, I [request Santa to] intentionally wrap in big boxes to make the kids more excited... And, those big bags - luggage for each of us.  

Getting the camera ready for the big reveal.  

Yes, the kids take turns on who gets to come out first.  It's been the topic of hot discussion this year on who's turn it was.  At least this pic proves that next year (for sure) it will be Brayden's turn.  

Just getting these pics were killing the kids.  ENOUGH CAMERA SHOTS ALREADY!!!!  

Sydney was not left out either - DINGO BONES!!!  Nom nom....she went through about three of them that morning.  

Finally, on to the gifts...

A sign Brayden got for me.  Pretty fitting, huh?  Now, to figure out where to put it!

Such concentration!

Against my better wishes - ("Pick your battles") - Birkenstocks were a big hit for B!

Red converse....much cuter!

A watch from John - it actually double wraps around my wrist - very cute.  

I found these RETRO t-shirts through the UO Duck Store.  It made John tear up.  We sent this pic to Kenjon and got a Merry Christmas/Love You text back from him about 10 minutes later..... =)

I think he was well-pleased with his "final-big-gift-items"

Likewise with Mikayla's Hunters...

The final openings were Family Items - this an auction item from Camp Harlow - a ski/snowboard trip we'll take with rentals from the local ski shop, gift certificate to Mt. Bachelor, and stay at Inn of the Seventh Mountain.  


On to breakfast with Dutch Babies - and a very goofy Brayden.  For as many scenes that look "picture perfect" I put up here, I want you to know that it's not always just so perfect.  Brayden pushed John's buttons, our kids' table manners were atrocious, John's feelings were hurt, and I was texting at the table!  We are NOT PERFECT!  But, the Christmas morning as a whole was pretty close... =)

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