Friday, December 12, 2014

A Little "Indugle"nce with Lisa and Steph

Friday was a day I was looking forward to.  It was a "Whitley Day Off" (I'd asked for all the Fridays in December, knowing two of the three I'd be out of town anyway).   While there was plenty of housework, gift sorting or wrapping, or other details that could be done, instead, I spent my morning strolling in bliss through the aisles of Target - taking advantage of a 20% discount coupon Michele had given me.  I also had to make a stop at a store near the play area in Gateway - and guess who I ran into?  The "Plum Quartet" of Travis' sister, Kristen, niece, Malia, Mom, Sheryl, and Whitley who was hanging out with them for the day.  Yay!  Good to see everyone having a lot of fun together.

At 11am, I met up with Steph and Lisa at "Indulge" for our annual Christmas Luncheon/Gift Exchange.  Nothing disappointed….not the food, the gift exchange, the atmosphere of this awesome location, or especially the conversation and friendship shared.  Love these ladies and this sweet time together.

This adorable mug (and sweet Christmas cozy socks inside of it) were given to us by Steph.  I love it so much I've used it as my "medicine mug" in which I turn to every morning and evening.  I even took it to Sunriver!

And this frame was given to us by Lisa.  I LOVE IT too!  Talk about major scores on the gifts!

Before leaving, I wandered around the store with Steph in tow - snapping pictures of all of the booths displaying their antique and vintage Christmas decor.

Certainly, it was a rare day of indulgence that I truly savored!


Tiffany Denison said...

It's always so awesome to catch up on your posts. Im glad you guys had such a great Christmas. Whitley is such a joy to watch. She and Mikayla always have such a joyful spirit about them. Happy New Year to the Rileys!!!

Bren said...

Lovely photos