Sunday, December 08, 2013

Welcome Elsie!

What a day Elsie Noelle Harris chose to enter the world!  Honestly, if I were to pick a day I'd want to give birth, this is the day I'd pick.  Snow on the ground, an induction you could plan around (Christi was showing signs of pre-eclampsia), and beautiful blue skies.  Wow.

Christi was excited at the idea of being able to meet her daughter two weeks early, but admitted to our Thursday Night Life Group that she was very nervous about the amount of pain she was worried she'd have to endure.  So, we all set out to pray for her in that regard.

Now, I find myself feeling bad that we didn't pray for the same thing for Stephie when she had Whitley (the pain she had to endure was deplorable!) as Christi's labor and birth were just about the best I've ever heard for the delivery of a firstborn.  She started contractions on her own the night she was admitted.  She received Pitocin the next morning when it was clear she wasn't making enough progress on her own, but she also received her Epidural at the same time.  Therefore, she was able to nap a bit - and in the process fully dilated.  By 10am, after a few "practice pushes", she pushed twice - and there you go, Baby Elsie was born.  Born at 10:20am, at 7 pounds and 19 inches long - clearly she was ready to come out, as she was at a very healthy size.  

Many of us close to Christi were shocked at the cell phone dialogue we were getting from her the night before and evening the morning of the birth.  Of course, we were most shocked at the astoundingly beautiful picture announcing her daughter's arrival that morning.  (I was at the check-out in Target with Michele when I got the text and totally teared up!)

We asked if Heather, Steph, and I could stop by around noon the next day to see her - and Christi said, "Absolutely, Yes!".

Another GORGEOUS day!

Not all babies are born "aesthetically pleasing"....but, between her and Whitley - OH MY!!!  What beautiful newborns!!!

SO little!!!!!

Mikayla was so excited she got to the "open eyes"!

Not only was Elsie serene, sweet, and gorgeous - but Tyler and Christi were sooooo "chill" about everything.  There were no "bags under their eyes" - or first-time-parent anxieties overflowing from their demeanor - just super proud of their daughter, overwhelming thankful for her and her safe arrival, and a bit in awe that they were bringing her home to take care of all by themselves as soon as our visit was over.

The view from their room.  

Christi's parents arrived right before we departed.  Talk about a proud grandma (she already has three grandsons and this is her second granddaughter).

I texted Christi on Friday night (before contractions were really kicking in) that I was so excited for her to experience the marvel of becoming a mom - and just how much more poignant Jesus' birth story (and Mary's decision to obey) would forever be.  Christi is the first young adult I've had the opportunity to meet (since deciding to mentor collegiates/young adults) that has gotten engaged, married, and had a child in the time since I've known her.  The crazy thing is that Christi is not even a student at UO (though she's of the same age) and never someone I "mentored" - she just became a friend after seeking her out to be my new hair stylist at Bello (there was a deal going because she was new!).  She fit the "demographic" that I was seeking to fill for the "Thursday Night Life Group" so I went out on a limb and asked her (worried I wouldn't be cool enough!) - and she said "Yes!". 

The rest is history.  A very special friendship history.  =)  And, now she's a mom.  I couldn't be happier!!!!

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