Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve!

Mine had some ups and downs...fortunately, it ended well.  

It started out with a headache.  Pretty darn sad that I ended up seeking relief from my mom on three different "emergency visits" in one week.  Good grief!  Actually, I think one visit was planned, but the other two had to do with first the left side of my neck and face, and then the right side of my neck and face screaming in protest.  

At least neither had me to the point of shaking or throwing up, but I was worried we were going to progress to that, and was eager to solve any and all problems that I could before the actual celebrations of Christmas Eve and Christmas commenced (much less experiencing pain in Sunriver).

The other positive was just more time spent out with Mom and Dad.  On both occasions, Mikayla accompanied me and we had some pleasant conversations in the therapy room.   

Feeling better (but, not yet 100%), I left believing Mom fixed the source of the problem and hopeful that my body would soon catch up to that realization, by releasing the pain.  From then, it was baking time - I flurried about the kitchen creating 5 different treats for our own experience in Sunriver.  Man, I gotta say, between a convection oven and multiple cookie trays that I can keep rotating, it's amazing how fast sugar concoctions can amass.  =)

Heather showed up around 11, and kept me company while we frosted the last of the Sugar Cookies and finished the Mounds Bars.  Unfortunately,  the headache didn't appreciate my concentrated baking frenzy, so Heather got to hang out with Mikayla (and Facetime Kenjon) while I tried to nod off on the couch.

At 3:40, after John had returned home from his morning at work (the first day he felt up to it from dealing with his bout with vertigo...) - we ventured to the theater to FINALLY see "Frozen" - which I had been told from SO MANY people was incredible.  It had been killing me to wait, but I felt like no other movie fit our Christmas Eve movie-viewing tradition like that one.

Sadly, my head didn't get the memo.  As, after about 1/3rd of the movie was completed, it was necessary for me to exit the theater and go out to the vehicle just to lay flat.  It was a low point for me, to say the least.  Poor Mikayla had been anxiously asking me since the late morning if I was feeling better, those looks of pure sympathy and sadness knowing how much I'd been anticipating this experience.  When I left her side at the theater, I made it clear I'd be okay and wanted her to enjoy the rest of the movie with John, Brayden and Heather who had joined us.  

At some point, while nodding off against the heated passenger seat with Nostalgic Christmas music playing and the heater at full tilt (barely above freezing outside at that point), the pain abated - at least a little.  By the time the family returned, I was able to say I was improving.  It was slow going though.

So, as the Whites joined us at our house for another Christmas Eve tradition, I had to admit, I wasn't at my finest.  I faked my way through pictures (choosing "Joy" in the pose we chose) - and trying not to miss out on the joy of watching (and helping) Whitley as she opened some of the presents we were so excited for her to see and play with.

Not to mention, watching our own kids open the two presents we let them open on Christmas Eve - and the couple extra the Whites always bring over for them.  (Yes, they are spoiled).  =)

It's been a running joke since the moment we found out about Whitley that we'd be enacting revenge on the Whites by purchasing the loudest, most obnoxious toys possible - in payback for all of the stuff they'd given our kids over the years.  We felt like this drum set definitely fit the bill - and Whitley had tested it on two different trips to Target, proving she indeed approved.  "Oh" is right, Whitley!  

Mikayla got a robe that she fell in love with - so soft!

And, "Disney Infinity" for Brayden - 

About 20 minutes after laying down after the presents were opened, the pain finally left.  A Christmas Eve miracle for me - and better than any present I could have opened.  The rest of the night was sweet as we watched the Beavers easily win their bowl game and enjoyed the company of the Whites.

I'd be lying if I said that the parts of this day that were lost didn't bug me that much - it actually opened that little hairline fracture that I addressed in the previous "White Christmas" post.  In my head, it pushed me to that point of saying, "Well, 2013 is just not going to be our year" - which was admitting too much defeat too soon.  But, it didn't ruin life either.  It was just one more chink.

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