Sunday, December 22, 2013

Riley Family Christmas 2013

Our guests arrived at 11am and everyone is still here and harmonious at 7:13 - I'd say that's a good sign of a very positive family Christmas gathering.  

It's also been a "turning-point" day, just as I hoped it would be.  John is feeling a lot better- in every way.

It was a bummer that Jeff and Laura couldn't join us.  Laura is on her third 13 hour day at work in a row (Phew!) and Jeff has bronchitis.  They've been missed.

Sweet pic of John and his mom.

Christmas present opening-

Both of our kids got some sweet Nike Air Jordan and Elite socks - they were very happy.

"Stress Relief" lotion for Mary Beth - I think she thinks she needs it!

Love these pictures of the cousins - first up, the two blondies.  Mikayla and Andie are just two months apart and exactly the same height...

Alex is 16 - and does have them both beat in height.

Now to throw the lone boy into the mix... (don't worry - he finds plenty of ways to keep himself amused in these circumstances).    They've spent their time (while we've been busy talking and watching NFL) playing board games, video games, guessing games, and outdoor on the court. 

Started with a pic of these two, might as well end with one too.   A very good day. 

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Tiffany said...

I spent some time today catching-up on your blog. I had no idea John was having such a time with his eye, but so thankful he is in the process of healing and thankful for Tyson's patience through it all. What a huge blessing! Again, my Christmas card is so beautiful...something I look forward to every year. I shamefully admit my blog has been neglected far too long and my camera just as much. As the year comes to an end I'm saddened I won't be able to "book" all the great memories we've shared this year. Although I absolutely LOVE my takes so much - not just physically, but mentally. I hate to even say "I'll do better!" when I know it may just not happen. One Day, though :) I'll end this lengthy post...and wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!! Love you much!:)