Sunday, December 01, 2013

Evergreen Endeavors

Traditionally, we get our Christmas tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  However, this year, with John still not feeling great, I was wondering if it was going to happen that day at all.  Fortunately, John felt well enough to take the trip out there, but conceded that it would need to be myself and the kids to pick out the tree as he'd need to hang out with The Carroll family at the front office.  (This was not a major hardship for him as we love the Carroll family - and look forward to seeing Sharon and Chantal behind the counter every time we come).  

As it turned out, the selection of noble trees larger than 10 feet (what we needed for the living room) were pretty few and far between this year (next year we're promised there will be more to choose from) - so pretty much the first tall tree we saw was the one we took home.  We let the helpful high schoolers (earning money to go on the First Baptist Mexico Mission Trip during spring break) lug that one back to the office/parking lot - and we took care of bringing back the smaller tree that we decorate in the bonus room.  John took care of snapping a few of the pics.  =)

Once we got home, the hard part began - getting these trees in to their stands, in to the house, sitting straight, and, of course, lit up and decorated.  John gave counsel, but couldn't lift or have his head below his heart, so the kids and I really had to work together.  Brayden even used a sawzall to even out the big tree's trunk and branches.  Way to go kiddos.  

Traditionally, they decorate the bonus room tree with all of our accumulated (special) ornaments, while I take care of the living room tree.  This pic shows a moment when they weren't arguing.... (no, they did okay....after a few minor threats....)

And, here's most of the "big tree".  With the lens we had on the camera, I couldn't back far enough away to get an image of it all the way to the angel at the ceiling level.   Someday, I'm going to lose my balance as I precariously place ornaments on the tree from the top of the couch armrests and probably break something (like a body part, not just an ornament), but it didn't happen this year!!

So glad Sydney's position on the couch demonstrates her approval of my performance!

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