Monday, December 30, 2013

Birthday Bowling at Lava Lanes

Another Sunriver birthday for Mikayla means another trip to Lava Lanes bowling.  This time, thankfully, we did not get lost en route.  =)

We secured two lanes and an hour worth of bowling - and got started.

Maybe because it was her birthday - but Mikayla had a very good game bowling - at least for her, she passed 100. 

But that was nothing compared to Uncle Michael.  He goes by "Bear Bait" (inside hunting joke) - and look at that scoreboard - FOUR STRIKES IN A ROW!!!  Unheard of in our little gang.

Unfortunately, he tweaked his elbow on the fifth frame, but still managed to beat the next best bowler, Travis, by four points. 

Brayden and Michele bowled simultaneously on one frame - and each bowled a strike in their own respective lanes.

Michele enjoyed teaching Whitley how to bowl.  We'll have to watch that Whitley doesn't take up her tendency of dropping the ball upon releasing it (we tease Michele that they have to rotate lanes for her on each visit due to the divets in the wood lanes she leaves behind).

Needless to say, Whitley was delighted!  She loved being passed around, cheering with everyone's rotating success on the lanes.

I got past 100 too - 118, could have done worse.

A few birthday poses -

A couple of shots I LOVE of Stephie -

And, a few more to prove what a fun way it was to start the morning and Mikayla's birthday.

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