Monday, December 23, 2013

The Year I Wrapped My Own Presents

Here's a little fact about me.  I love wrapping presents.  Especially, when all of the conditions are right, it's actually something I look forward to doing.  Those "conditions" in question would be having all of the supplies at my disposal, having a good work station, the right viewing entertainment on the tv, and most importantly, the "alone" time to get it done without a dwindling deadline looming.

This year, we left our wrapping supplies and temporary "work station" set up in the bonus room for over a week to be able to get chunks of wrapping done whenever the opportunity arose.  (Which, because of the snow days meaning "No Whitley" days - it came more than I thought).  I watched a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies and really enjoyed the majority of them, though I have less kind things to say about what some of the other channels are offering for "Orginal Christmas Broadcasts".  Apparently, they are going for more "drama" - but, I am pretty much all about the formula of the "sweet Christmas movie" that Hallmark has down - and don't need an Oscar winning plotline.

That being said, on this particular day of wrapping, I found "Tangled" that I'd DVR'd and determined quickly that it would most certainly make my "absolute watches" in future years.  No matter that it doesn't involve Christmas - it just makes me feel too good to care.  Yes, I still tear up.  Which is why, when I returned to the chore later in the afternoon, I actually re-watched it again. that movie - and am excited to see "Frozen" upon hearing that it is just as good and a "new favorite" to many who have seen it.

All this sets up the title of this post.  The weekend prior to Christmas, John admitted he didn't think he'd have the energy or fortitude to be able to wrap the presents purchased for me to open with our family on Christmas morning.  So, with the condition that I'd be able to have some "me time without interruption" (something I crave and need to "reset" especially during the crazy holiday season) I suggested he put presents in random boxes, seal them up and then I'd wrap them.   It was a win-win for me, because I've become kind of anal precise in how I wrap our family presents - with each of them put in certain matching wrap dependent on the order in which they are to be opened.  It's overkill, I know, but our family gets a kick out of it, and it satisfies some of that "need for control" I also get during this time of year.  ;)

I had to smile, as John wrote notes on each of the boxes he passed on to me.  They definitely made me smile.  Don't tell John this, as I wouldn't want me to take me up on it in future years, but it really was a lot of fun to wrap my own presents. =)

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Tiffany said...

I literally laughed out loud...and can't stop!!! I have never heard of anyone wrapping their presents in the order they are to be opened...but super clever!!! By looking at all the Christmas pictures on FB I've realized I need to move away from the metallic pre-fab, sticky bows and made my own...I'm feeling a little behind;)