Friday, December 20, 2013

Thursday Night with the Girls at BJ's

With all of the crazy stuff going on with John's condition, and after returning from a bit of a hiatus with Whitley and keeping up with her pace - I was really ready for a night out with the girls on Thursday night.  It turned out that 8 of us (9 including Whitley) were available to meet at BJ's - so I volunteered to meet up with Elaina 45 minutes early to secure a table.  It's a good thing, it took the entire time for that to happen.  Stephie showed up to hang out with us too.

It was nice to just be with them to have some time to get deep in intimate conversation.  I'm so excited for Elaina and Brad and the future they have planned out. 

Upon getting seated, Elsie was carefully passed around to each of us (after Christi wisely passed out hand sanitizer!)





I really didn't have the best lens for taking a group shot, but it works... (at least you can't see my wrinkles!)

Christi looks so great!!!  Hard to believe it was just 12 days from having a baby in this picture.

 The dinner was excellent, but the fellowship and time with these girls was priceless. 

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