Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Last Week with Whitley in 2013

On the one day I had Whitley during the "snow week", I felt like I was just trying to fit her into to the insane "to do" list I was tackling that week.  

So, on this last week that we got to hang out before her parents get their Christmas Vacation - I was determined to make Whitley more of a priority.  Which meant hitting the play areas in Gateway Mall (on Monday) and Valley River Center (Tuesday).  She LOVED it.  I will definitely be parking myself at these places during the cold/rainier days of the winter - prepared with my own "bookwork" that's so hard to do when she wants my attention - which (my attention) is not needed when she is absolutely enchanted by the play structures and little kids in her presence.    

On this day, Monday, she was recovering from a cold - you can totally tell with her open-mouth smile and kind of "dopey" look.  (But she was happy!!!)

Shortly before I took this pic, she kissed the top of a little boy's head who was also in the canoe.  I guess that encouraged him to leave!  The next day, at VRC, she kissed another little girl on the lips.  Love it that she's so friendly, but we might need to go over boundaries. 

Back at home, we perused Christmas cards together.  She especially liked the Forests' card (loved the doggies!) - I had to text Kristin to let her know her family was the chosen favorite.  =)

On Wednesday, we had the special treat of having Christi and Elsie come to visit.  It (hopefully) won't be too long before it becomes a real "play date" for both the adults and the little girls....but, for now, it was just a lot of talking between Christi and I regarding life as a new mom (almost perfect!) - and protecting the newborn infant from a very curious toddler.

She was a little put off by the attention Elsie got - especially from me.  

So, eventually, we got her on to my lap too. 

And she started to tickle her toes.


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