Monday, May 06, 2013

The Sinus Procedure That Didn't Happen...

Last Friday, at 2:15, I showed up at my ENT's office, ready to be given some heavy duty painkillers and sedatives so a balloon could be inflated in my sinuses and radio waves could reduce the size of my "turbinades".

45 minutes of lobby waiting room later, 10 minutes waiting time in one patient room, then moved into another patient room, topical numbing spray applied - but then it ran out - so 10 minutes waiting for more topical spray to be found, more applied, 10 minutes waiting for it to take effect, move into previous patient room, and then - the icky part - an aneasthetic applied via needle in about 8 places in each nostril.  (The worst part of it was the surplus solution going down my throat...ick!).  Then, after waiting for that to kick in, the dr. spent about 6 minutes using a radio wave device to reduce and cauterize my turbinades.  And....then....he said - "that's it".

Wait?  What about the balloon?  (I sound like a sad kid leaving a circus empty-handed!).  =)  Oh, now my doc was befuddled.  He didn't remember that we'd set that up....and, "that was a much bigger deal...and did I really need it...let me go check your CAT scan results again".   So, then I waited another ten minutes for him to do some "checking into things" (which meant having a serious chat with his front desk person in John's presence....making John believe something was going wrong back there...).

Too late to make "long story short"- but at this point, the sinuplasty procedure is going to be put on hold.  It turns out our out-of-pocket expense is 3 times more expensive than previously quoted.  We're going to see if within the next 8 weeks (for full results of this last procedure to kick in) I feel like any further improvement is really necessary - and if it is needed,  maybe wait it out with insurance for "ObamaCare" to kick in - and see if by then we can get it covered.

On the bright side, I left feeling less discomfort than a person with a cavity filled would.  (I had to quickly cancel a meal being brought over from a friend..."please, no need!!!")  And.... the doc made reference to not running charges for this last procedure.  I'm not exactly sure what that means, but since I have yet to be charged for any appt. visit so far, I'm hoping my billing has gotten as lost in their system as the communication for what procedure I'm having has!

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