Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Marist Auction

Saturday was a VERY long day for John and I.  It began by waking up at 5am so that we could get Mikayla to her tournament in Corvallis for her first game at 7:15.   Unfortunately (but, not surprisingly based on the talent of the competition they faced) their team was win-less on Saturday.   Throw in some warmer-than-usual and muggier-than-usual weather and John and I were a little cranky by the time 3pm rolled around knowing our day still had a lot left to it.

Soon after the point we decided to send Brayden to Marist, we were invited to attend their fundraising auction - to sit at a table with Travis and Stephanie; Stephanie's sister, Manday and her husband Rick (assistant principal at Marist); Rick's best friend, Mic and his girlfriend, Jaime; and Ryan and Stacey Baker (French teacher and assistant principal at Marist).  We couldn't turn down the fun opportunity - even when we later realized it was taking place on such a crazy weekend.  Fortunately, Michele (and Mom and Dad) showed up to cheer Mikayla on in the afternoon games, so Mikayla was able to go home with her aunt while we were heading south for the auction.

We'd been told in advance that it was a very lavish and lively event.  We weren't disappointed.  The place was packed with things to bid on, appetizers and beverages available at every turn, and Marist students ready and willing to get more money assist in any way possible.  (They even valet-parked our vehicle!)

It's been so long since John and I were on a date that I didn't even think of it as that kind of experience until we got there and starting goofing off with our bff's (Trav and Steph) and realized what a kick it was to be adults together.  

The only let-down of the evening was how warm it was (who would have guessed Eugene would make it to the high 80's by mid May?) and that I was fighting a headache.  Thank God for good medicine (and not having had to use it so much so it was especially effective).


After spending over an hour in the Silent Auction portion (we made some good was kind of nice feeling like we really ought to be purchasing something in lieu of going to this for free and supporting the school!) - we moved over to the dinner area.  Yes, it was actually warmer in there, but beautifully decorated.    And....the meal was EXTRAORDINARY!!!  Bacon-wrapped filet mignon, glazed carrots, roasted potatoes, fresh asparagus, homemade (this after all of the amazing appetizers I kept eating and eating....).  

We didn't end up purchasing anything in the live auction (a little out of our price range), but I was among the five finalists asked to come to the stage for the auction game "Heads or Tails" in which you guess one or the other.  I basically missed a $500 gift certificate to a local home improvement store by one lousy choice.  Oh well...a lot of fun. 

Given we would be waking up at 4:30 in the morning in order to drive up to Dallas to get Mikayla and then back down to Corvallis by 8, we were able to bow out at a reasonable 9:30pm.  I guess the partying went on and on though - which doesn't surprise me in the slightest based on how fun our table group was.

A much different experience than the Harlow Auction, both fun in their own ways...hoping we get to attend many more of these in the future!

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