Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ahoy "Pirates"!

For the fifth grade classes that go through Gilham, one of the highlights of the year is the musical performance they get to put on.  This year, "Pirates" was the name of the production they put on.  I have to admit, I kind of listened with only one ear as Mikayla described what it was about, who was cast in what part, and what the songs were.  

So, it was with delightful surprise to show up on Friday night to watch the whole show without a lot of expectation.  It was super entertaining!

First a shot of Mikayla with her buddies - these are friends that all had rolls on stage.

The basic plotline of this musical is that a stowaway (impressively played by Piper) is discovered by pirates on the ship and desperately, desperately wants to become a pirate herself.

She's not accepted and instead laughed at - ridiculed for not being prepared to be a pirate.

The "King of the High C's" is brought out to determine the stowaway's fate - and along the way we find out why she (supposed to be a he) is King of the "High C's"....she can sing the best.

Hadley - who had the role of the king, was phenomenal as well.  Piper and Hadley have both participated in theatrical programs in the past, and could tell.  So good!  (And, despite this picture, they are actually best friends!)

The king decided the stowaway should be sent to the brig with the other prisoners. 

Later, we find out a musical competition is coming up and they expect to win - except, the king discovers she has laryngitis so she can't carry the win.

At that time, they hear the stowaway singing her sad song from the brig and realize she has just the voice they need to win.  They decide to huddle together to determine if they will accept her as a pirate.  I think it's so cute how anxious Piper is acting. 

Finally, they make her an honorary pirate and the show is over with all of them happy.

Now, on to some photos of my own daughter...who was cast in one of the acting/singing/solo parts as one of the "unbearded" pirates.

Here's the mommy confession I feel bad about.  We have these expectations of our kids based on the personalities that emerge.  In general, Brayden is the entertainer of the family with all of his "Otter Personality" and extrovert nature.  He's funny and gets people to laugh even when they try not to (like me when trying not to encourage semi-inappropriate behavior).  On the other hand, Mikayla is our more responsible one.  She is funny too - and enjoys laughing with friends and getting them to laugh whenever she can, but she's not nearly as gregarious as Brayden.

With all that said, it would be naturally guessed that Brayden would be more of a natural theatrical performer, while Mikayla might be more reserved and self-conscious on stage.  Not that there's ever a need to compare the kids, but it really was a surprise to see Mikayla take her roll and run with it.  (The post about Brayden's fifth grade musical is actually still waiting to be put up.  It occurred right before we left for Disneyworld in 2010 and got lost in the shuffle.  Brayden had one of the key rolls in that performance which was a lot of fun to watch, but we were surprised that he actually seemed a little nervous and reserved on stage....)

Check out that attitude...

One of my new favorite pics of Mikayla.  Singing a solo - confident, having fun....way to crack the mold I'd already imagined for you, girl!!!

Among her friends...

Everybody's spirits were super high after the play was over.

This is Mrs. Baechtel - Mikayla's fifth grade teacher that assumed the class in November.  She's been the favorite among the original teacher they had, the student teacher, and then finally her, after the original teacher returned to the school she had taught at previously.  As soon as I met her, I immediately sensed a sweet spirit that would be perfect for Mikayla.  I'm so thankful Mikayla's been able to end her years at Gilham with such a great person.

Finally, the pic of Mikayla and Kenady that just about put me over the edge.  Because we've "been down this road before" I didn't really think it would be that hard to go through the motions of all of the hoopla of leaving elementary school and entering middle school.  But, somehow, seeing these two best friends wearing full make-up (worn for the role and not on a normal basis for either of them), it gave me a glimpse of what will be all too soon.  It scares the snot out of me and puts me in awe simultaneously when I look at Mikayla right now.  She attracts attention already with that blonde hair and dimply smile - throw in some make-up to make those blue eyes pop...and oh my goodness.  Not to mention all the sentimentality of seeing her with the first person she came home talking about on her first day of being at Gilham...."I think I've found a new friend, her name is Kenady"...and they've only grown stronger since that day (yo the absolute delight of all of us), despite being in different sports, classrooms, and churches.

Mikayla has it SO GOOD right now with these sweet (for the most part) and innocent (for the most part) friends that surround her - it's scary anticipating the changes coming up.

Gotta stop it now...we're still three weeks out from the promotion ceremony and if I'm already fighting tears and fears, it's gonna get ugly!

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