Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our Family's Last Gilham Triathalon

By now, I've probably written 6 different posts on Gilham's annual Triathalon.  They ride their bikes to Eugene Swim and Tennis Club, swim 4 laps, ride their bikes back to the school, and run 6 laps.  

This, obviously, is the last Triathalon my kids will participate in, as our days at Gilham our soon coming to a close.  Which made Mikayla's anxiety over it not happening due to "rain out" that much more intense.  The night prior, the forecast for rain was 100% during the hours that the event was supposed to take place.  However, the morning came with a stretch of dry - and in fact, because of the cloud cover, much more mild temps than what the kids usually have to endure with our crisp mornings when the sun does end up coming out.  All in all, ideal.  Thank you God!

I dropped Mikayla off at the school with a parting picture - and then went on my way to meet for a hike with Darcy.  The rest of the pictures were supplied by Jonna or Kristen - or other parents who helped.  Well done Gilham 3rd-5th graders, and Mikayla - way to finish your last Gilham Triathalon experience strong!

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