Monday, May 27, 2013

Catching Up...

It was kind of wearisome week for John and I.  I felt like I was fighting something all tired and worn out each morning, the weather matched the way I felt, and John's been fighting a tough month at work.  In addition, we've been working on remodeling our main bathroom for the last couple of months.  It was supposed to be done by Mother's Day, but things just keep dragging on with issue after issue arising.  Not seeing eye to eye with the general contractor hasn't helped things either.

But, there were some memorable moments of the week.  I thought I'd do a day by day run-down.

The weather was still nice that day, so it was a "hunker down" and get chores done kind of day.  The kids are really motivated to do work projects right now as they are trying to earn money for an ipad mini to use on our upcoming road trip vacation.   Mikayla learned how to spackle and paint, while Brayden took care of about 10 gallons worth of gunk in our gutters.  Bushes were also trimmed, new paint applied to baseboards and doors in the kitchen, "cutting in" of the ceiling/wall paint in bathroom and lots of bathroom projects John was able to accomplish helping to save us money.  Good job family!

Whitley and I had a great visit out to Mom and Dad's - for a "maintenance check" with Mom.   All in all, it's been an incredible run in terms of neck issues in April and May.  We were able to put Whitley in her high chair so she was at eye level with me on the table - and that kept her very happy.  In the past, she's been a little "needy", thus she'll end up straddling my waist while Mom works on my head.  It might inhibit the healing process just a little bit when I'm working so hard in keeping her happy.  So, yeah for finding a happy place for all of us!

Another Whitley first - getting her to sleep in her play pen at our house.  Based on space, I've been reluctant to set it up, but the half hour naps as a result have not been beneficial for anyone.  Steph told me that her REM cycle will have her partly wake up every half hour or so, but if she's in her "comfy/safe" place, she'll fall back asleep.  That was proven to very much be the case as she slept for nearly three hours.  Cozy!

Mikayla had her pre-6th grade doctor appt.  She passed the physical with flying colors, but was not thrilled with the meningitis and tetanus shots that she had to get.  I will say, she took them like a champ and was very brave about it while in the office.  However, one of Mikayla's weaknesses is her reaction to pain.  Chalk it up to a low pain threshold, or just being the age that she is, but she tends to find some injury to be in pain over almost every day (usually at night, right before bed when she is at her most stressed out point).  It's become a point of aggravation for me lately, so I had to work hard on my methods of compassion for her for the rest of the day when she was "in so much pain".  Poor thing.  At least while we were at the office, Whitley was a great distraction for her and a good moral support.

No pics today.  One of those kind of boring but productive days largely spent at home.

On Thursday, we got to be the "first official visitors" to Elaina's new home, within about a half mile from where we live.  I'm so excited she's so close - and she's so happy to be on this side of town, nearer to her work at the hospital as a nurse as well as right next to our church.  

Kaela stopped by as we were leaving...such a blessing to see Elaina so content and happy.

Later that evening, we had the joy of welcoming this little guy into our home through Memorial Day Weekend.  The Meyers family asked us a long time ago if we'd be willing to watch their 4 month old puppy while they spent the weekend in Reno at a basketball tournament for Jackson.  Um, absolutely!
His name is Brody - and he is a sweetheart!!!

Friday was a day in which Whitley got to spend time with her Auntie Kristen (Travis' sister) - who, by the way, is getting bigger and bigger with her baby Malia by the day.  (Though, in her case, she still barely looks pregnant even though she's due in mid August).  So excited for her and her hubby, Brian.

So, I had made plans with Alysha a long time ago to spend the morning hiking with her - exploring terrain that might not be so easy with Whitley on my back.  However, with the weather being forecast as nothing but rain, and me not feeling so great, I was really ready to take a literal rain check.  Alysha was still gung ho, though, so we went for it, and blessedly, were not rained upon.

We did end up spending more time driving than hiking, though - so many, many gorgeous hikes that all happen to be just a little too far away for a typical couple hour outing with friends.  This was one of them.

We ended up at Fall Creek - originating at Dolly Varden Campground.  Beautiful area that I hadn't hiked in probably 16 years.  Like I said, we didn't get very far - but, it's a place I'll be happy to return to.

Then, a moment I'd been anticipating for months....well, really for much longer than that in terms of "longing".  When John put forward the plans for this bathroom remodel - necessitated because of leakage by the toilet into the linoleum making a rapid black spread through the flooring - he persuaded me that we ought to change it into the bathroom we'd want "forever" - as in the quality that would match the eventual home remodel we'd someday like to do with the rest of the house.  I agreed, it was a good idea...but, unfortunately, pricey.  Despite that, he chose to surprise me by having a jet tub installed, something I've always wanted.  What a hubby, right?!  However, that's been one of the ongoing sources of frustration, with issues right and left with the faucet, drain, and electrical.  Finally, on Friday, it was declared, "good to go" - and I indulged.  Ahhhhh!

But, and this is said with a huge sad face....I learned an important lesson.  The tub jets kick in a heating system for the tub and without knowing the extent of how hot it would stay - I totally did myself in.  I overheated.  By Friday evening, I knew the resulting headache was kicking in, but I didn't expect for it to only get worse all the way through Saturday - where I spent the whole day in bed, and then even to "whimpering mode" by 5am Sunday morning.  How pathetic, right?!  Thank God for Mom, she saw me at about 8am on Sunday and I emerged among the land of the living after that.  Lesson learned....keep that bathroom very cool and adjust the temperature of the tub accordingly!

Later Friday evening, Steph came over with Whitley (Travis was at an annual Memorial Day Weekend car sale that his bank puts on), at about the same time as Michele showing up with Ellie and Nati.  Michael and Traig were off on a bear hunt, so they planned on staying with us.

As mentioned earlier, I stayed in bed.  Michele and John hung out while the kids enjoyed the break from the rain and return of sunshine and played with water on the trampolines, all over the court, etc., etc.  If I had to be sulking in bed, it was nice to know they were happy (and actually, good timing in knowing that I wasn't missing out on grandiose plans).

And, this also happened:

I'm telling you, that nephew of mine is one successful hunter. (With, obviously, a very good teacher at his side). A buck, a 5 point bull elk, and now a male black bear (I know, the coat doesn't look black...but, yes, that's what it is).  He's not even 15 yet!  He'll be hosting his own outdoor show in no time!

After feeling as horrible as I did the beginning of the weekend, I can't even tell you what a comfort to my soul this little experience was.  Brody snuggling up and falling asleep on me.  Ahhhhhhh!  The day was spent totally being lazy with the two closest people in my life - John and Michele, watching UO Softball (sadly lose in their bid for the Super Regionals), reading, and relaxing.  Just what I needed.

MONDAY:  No picture yet - but Happy Memorial Day - and my deepest gratitude to all those who have served and fought for our freedom.  May I never take it for granted.


sara said...

I didn't know they made a jet tub that continues to heat the water! That is one thing I don't like about mine (though it is as old as the house), the jets cool the water too fast!!

Ok, what do you DO with the bear after you shoot it?!!!

StephieAnne said...

Good question about the bear. I've actually tasted bear meat and it's pretty good - so they do plan on eating it. The bear looks bigger than it is - about 130 pounds. And, I'm guessing Traig's bedroom might end up with a bear skin rug =)

Since you are posting this morning, I assume the storms didn't get you too bad. Poor Lily. We will be gone over the Fourth of July and I'm hoping the gal we have watching our house gives lots of love to Syd as that's her scariest time. Also, how's your pool? =)