Monday, May 13, 2013

I have "That Kid"!

When you go into teaching - just like any job with "coworkers' you find things that tend to annoy you that you have little patience and tolerance for.

When I've had my own classroom or have substituted, one of those pet peeves were kids that came unprepared for class.  Not the kids that you could tell were "down on their luck" or impoverished that weren't able to pay for supplies - the kids that had the Nike clothing and coolest accessories, but somehow couldn't manage to have paper or pencils at their disposal. 

Those kids bugged me.  Seriously?  How many different signs, notices on the chalkboards or overhead does it take for a kid to remember to bring a writing utensil to class?

Then, sometime last year, a HORRIFYING thought crossed my mind.  "What if that's MY son?"  I mean, I often wonder if the kid would forget to wear shoes to school if I didn't (vocally) remind him every morning.  I KNOW he would forget his lunch....that's been proven again and again. 

So, I asked him.  And, he sheepishly looked at me and said, "Yes". 

"You mean, you're the kid always borrowing paper and pencils and never giving them back?"


"Oh Brayden, you ARE that kid!!  Can you please try harder?"

And, then, I tried to block the terrifying truth from my head and just make sure Brayden had plenty of pencils ready to stock from at home.

Until.....this week.

At which point I got an email from my favorite of his middle school teachers.  She's his English teacher - who goes by Senora Koenig - though she's not Spanish.  She finds Brayden to be delightful and was there for support in the past when I was really struggling with his Inattentive ADHD tendencies earlier in the year.  (She kept saying how smart he is...."smart" isn't the problem with Brayden....turning in the assignments he already has completed may be....or....maybe realizing if he's been absent he has work to make up....or....or....)  =)

Here's the email:
Stephanie - if you have pencils you could please send w/ Brayden, that would be great.

(He's "borrowed" from three this week).  Well, he actually says "I didn't necessarily "borrow them. I kept them."

; )

Happy Friday!

Oh my gosh....there's proof.....oh the horror (and a "Smart Alec" to boot)!!!!

Here was my response:
Of course we have OODLES of pencils here at our house...what a TURKEY!!! I will send with him a whole package for you to have and "reload" his supply.

So embarrassing....


And, finally, her response:
perfect, thanks!
: )
he cracks me up - he said you would say the same thing - i.e., OODLES ....

Oh, that kid of mine!  So, this is what we put together for Joy (aka Sra. Koenig) - and by "we", pretty much you can guess it was me...

We are already starting to gather applications for the future Mrs. Brayden Riley -  because if ever a man will need a "helpmate" - it will be him.  =)


sara said...

oh my gosh, I am just laughing and laughing. My son was "that kid" too! He was also the one not turning in the finished homework.....etc.

StephieAnne said...

Jared or Jason?