Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Celebrating Kaela

Out of all of the friends I have, spanning all the ages I overlap - Kaela absolutely puts the rest of us to shame in terms of maintaining relationships with the multitude of people she's become close to over the years.  It's intensified even more as part of her job is to establish relationships with the college women - and she does.  In fact, it's getting increasingly difficult to try to set up impromptu activities with her - between all of these friendships and the new man in her life (Drew) =) - she's one popular gal.

So, it didn't take a whole lot of work to persuade a couple of dozen folks to show up at Christi and Tyler's home on her birthday evening to have a "post romantic date" celebration of her.   It wasn't a surprise.  Drew didn't even try - he knew he'd never be able to "pull one over on her".  =)  I love Kaela's laugh in this picture, I think it was right after she announced to the crowd, "Okay, I hate this awkward part, can we hurry up and get it over with?!"

Not only was this cake adorably decorated (sprinkles courtesy of Heather, mini banner courtesy of Christi), but this German Chocolate Cake was TO DIE FOR.  Seriously worthy of cheating on a diet - especially when paired with the Breyer's "Samoas" flavor of ice cream (not that I'd know or anything)....

Me, having a chat with Ashley, Kaela's "housemate".

I looked at this picture when it was posted the next day and had to marvel over how truly beautiful the women in Kaela's life are.  I'm thankful that most of them are dear friends of mine too...and it can definitely be said that the beauty on the exterior is nothing compared to the beautiful character within each of them.  I think it says a lot that these extraordinary ladies all treasure Kaela....

And, the guys that came on her behalf are pretty cute too.  (Drew is the one in the brown button-up).

Happy Birthday Kaela - love you!!!

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