Friday, May 31, 2013

Amazing Views and Awesome Women

The weather is just now starting to return to that amazing stretch we had at the beginning of May.  Last week was definitely a "transition period" where the rain was still present.  But that didn't stop Darcy and I from embarking on an adventure on Wednesday at Shotgun Creek Park.

Shotgun is a location about 10 miles from where I grew up, and I wanted to share the kid-friendly place with Darcy who nannies for two little ones during the week.  As expected, the place was soggy and wet, but thankfully, we weren't hit with any downpours.  We not only had some great conversation, but we got to meet a cute little salamander (and some very ugly slugs) along the way.  Darcy is such a sweet spirit for the Lord and certainly an incredibly uplifting person for me to spend a morning with.

On Thursday, I got to meet up with Becky.  It's been FOREVER since I've seen her, in fact, in the meantime, she's taken a mission trip to Australia.  That gave us a lot to catch up on.  Since her apartment is on the far west side of Eugene, I thought we'd try out the Fern Ridge Bike Path.  I know I've been on parts of it back inn my days working with the Eugene Parks and Recreation kids program, but probably not on this stretch.   It has more of a marsh-like scenery, pretty in its own right compared to the more forest-like areas I usually pick.  With Whitley in her stroller, it worked perfect for us.  So great to spend time with Becky - hoping it doesn't take us this long until next time!

Finally, on Thursday, I got together with these gals for a very-low-key TNL.  This time of year is a mess for our group as we are often missing half the gang to various commitments.  We are hoping to have one final finale this week before going our own ways this summer (though, it's likely we'll still see who might want to hang out on any given Thursday summer evening).   

It turned out that the four of us were available and we met at our head pastor's house (Ben and Mary Cross).  Kaela is the one they usually ask to house sit when they are on vacation (and, yes, the do give her permission to host low-key events)- so she asked us to join her there.  They literally live across the street from the Meyers, but I will give them the extra point for the amazing sunset/golf course/fountain view they have from their back yard.  Oh my.  It is a gorgeous home that I'm so glad they have been blessed with.  The four of us had a fun evening chatting about all sorts of girly topics (from "Bachelorette" to pregnancy*) - and savoring in the sunset.

* Have I made it public yet that Christi is pregnant?  If not, SHE IS!!!  (Second one over in picture).   Her and Tyler are about 11 weeks along and ecstatic that Baby Harris is growing bigger and stronger every day.  She's due in mid-December.  YEAH!!!!!!!

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