Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas the Night Before Christmas....

...and running amok at our place, 
was this weary mom moving at breakneck pace.

The cookies were done, Frozen ambrosia too,
but pumpkin pies were not made, without them we'd be blue.

Papa's Pizza was purchased for the annual White's night
Having Whitley look like an elf was indeed a precious sight.

After dinner, the family portrait, everyone say "cheese",
No presents to open until Mom is well pleased....

Then onto the gifts, just one from Mom and Dad,
This "Jingle Pup" make Mikayla quite glad...

Even Syd got a bone, she walked about in delight,
Then more present opening - gifts from the Whites.

Time to teach Whitley, "Oh how Christmas is fun!"
You'll be squealing with glee before we are done...

Onto a gift so dear, designed by friend Dawn
these prints of Whitley, preserved for time on....

All too soon, we bid good-bye, still a car to be packed,
Christmas day is tomorrow, and we must hit the sack!

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