Saturday, December 29, 2012

Time for Tubing

This is how Friday morning began - view from the hot tub.  Michele and I can both attest that the color was even more brilliant in person. 

We thought Friday morning would be a good choice to go to the Tubing Hill - newly established at the SHARC (Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic Recreation Center).   As we knew it would be busy, we got there soon after it opened.

This is the view of the SHARC from the top of the tubing hill.

And, our fearless kids - ready to tube down (the intertubes are provided - at this location you aren't allowed to bring your own sleds)

There was a "Bunny Hill" kind of slope and then a side by side faster ride.  It was nice, but definitely not the length or the thrill of the sometimes hazardous amphitheater location where everyone used to sled.

After our first run, there was already a line to get the tubes to go back up the hill.

We opted to call it quits after about 45 minutes.  Since the variation and "thrill aspect" of the ride was only so-so, we all felt like we'd had enough, especially considering the growing lines.  On to a few family pics...

And, just as we were about to depart - this family showed up.  Poor Whit, they had to wake her up to bring her out to pose in the snow.  Consequently, her expression was a little "out of it".

Some parting shots of the festive front entrance of the SHARC-

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