Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Conclusion to the Volleyball Season

I don't think I've ever cleaned my kitchen as fast I did from about 5:15pm to 6pm.  I knew we'd be having company arriving at 7pm, but I had to be at the school at 6pm to culminate my coaching experiences from volleyball.  Lately, my exercise opportunities have been few and far between, so I guess it was a good idea to get the heart racing in cleaning up 18 hours of kitchen chaos.  

I arrived at the school at 5:59 with personalized volleyball ornaments for each of the players ready to pass out.  We did a quick pizza feed (supplied by parents) and said something about each of the kids on our team.  So great that they were all able to show up for this additional day.

Following the party, we played against a competitive school that we did not face during the season.  They had divided their teams by talent.  Both of our teams were victorious against the less competitive team, but the green team fell short against the stronger players.  Our blue team (the one Mikayla is on), lost the first set, and then defeated them in the next two....oh, how they wanted that win.  And, even though the tie-breaking last set made us late for our next activity, it was well worth it for the kids to walk out recognizing just how strong they all are.  These kids really are unbelievably amazing.

The following pictures were taken during the last couple of games we played on the weekends.

Huddling up....

Ready, "set", go!

We had some special guests in the bleachers supporting Mikayla....

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