Thursday, December 20, 2012

Goody's and Saying Good-Bye

There is a store called "Goody's" that we love in Sunriver, filled with ice cream, caramel corn, nostalgic candy, and tons of homemade candy confections.  Recently, they opened a store in downtown Eugene and Wednesday's Countdown Calendar involved a visit there.

Kenjon came with us - allowing us a "final evening" with him before he leaves for California, the Fiesta Bowl, and eventually training camp for the NFL.  As of Sunday, Eugene is no longer is home. :(

The place is very festively decorated amidst the "Fifth Street Market" - in fact on Friday and Saturday nights from 6-6:30, this place has snow falling which brings quite the crowds.  (I'm not sure how they do that....)

But, we were looking for a place more cozy for our actual dinner - so we were off to Red Robin.  Kenjon opted to sit between Brayden and Mikayla who were all over him messing around.  This is a picture of Kenjon playing "Tic Tac Toe" with Mikayla - who, of course, in concentration, has to stick out her tongue. 

When we returned to our house, John surprised Brayden and Kenjon with a random trip for just the three of them.  He took the three of them to the local park and had them literally mark a line in the sand for each of them to step over, symbolizing their journeys from boyhood to manhood.  It was deeply significant for all three of them.

As Kenjon set forth to leave our house, we all reassured ourselves that we'd see him again when he returns to Eugene on January 9th - and this would definitely not be "forever".  However, the hugs were much longer, much tighter, the eyes much wetter....and the text and follow-up phone call from Kenjon just moments after he walked out the door took a piece of our hearts to absorb.  Let's just say that there will never a be a doubt in our minds again of how much our family means to him - just as there's never been a doubt as to the impact and place he'll forever have on and in our family.

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