Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Glory Days

I love this pillow and this lady.  The other side of the pillow says "Nice" - which is MUCH more of the Kristen I get to know....but I love that she has some naughty in her too.

Tuesday, December 11th, at noon, was the date and time that we had arranged to have our annual Christmas Womens' Luncheon and Gift Exchange.  The group of women that make it each year always brings some new faces and ones we see each year.  And, then, of course, there are plenty of people who you wish could make it, but we'll just have to wait until next year to see.

This year, we chose an antique store called "Glory Days" to have as our location.  It was ideal, and had I had more time, I could have lost myself (literally and figuratively) in all the hallways and nooks of retro/vintage/antique treasures.  

In this picture, Marjie, Nancy, and Dawn:

In this picture, Tammy, Lisa, and Tracie:

And another picture of Kristen and myself:

The little cafe within the store is actually owned by a former high school friend of mine, so it was fun to see her doing well and savor the food knowing her and her husband were the ones preparing it all.  The gift exchange, a "classier" version of a White Elephant exchange, was lively and sweet - I ended up with some amazing Citrus Ginger lotion.  Here's a group pic of the lovely ladies (minus Ann who had to leave early):

This was one sign I did walk away with (along with another only $14, I couldn't resist).  Too cute and right up my alley of decor at home.

Doesn't this just look so inviting?  John and the kids....Hint, hint.....plenty of gift ideas in here for Christmas!

And this is the outside of the building - totally unassuming, but a virtual treasure trove of physical trinkets and warm memories inside.

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