Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let It Snow!

"Oh the weather outside is frightful"....and yes, that very much was the case on Monday afternoon as everything was turned white because of the massive hailstorm.  Pretty nutty and I'm thankful I wasn't on a major freeway at the time.

The forecast on Monday night DID call for snow - though the temperatures were going to be hovering above freezing so the likelihood of school closures if indeed the white stuff did come down was pretty slim.  My plans for Tuesday included wrapping ALL day - (Whitley was going to be with Travis' mom that day) - so I was all about the snow, but the school closure didn't make much of a difference to me (don't tell the kids that....Mikayla was SO UPSET when it didn't happen!).

But, the SNOW did happen - and it was gorgeous.  It always is.  Yes, the kids had school, but as mentioned before - it was perfectly serendipitous with the snow falling outside, wrapping paper everywhere, and the "The Santa Clause 2" on tv.

While the snow was largely gone by Wednesday, this is one of the most optimistic weather forecasts for our Christmas night journey (through New Years) trip to Sunriver.  They have over a foot of snow on the ground, with a bit more looking to come, and temps through our stay well below freezing.  LET IT SNOW!!!

We went out to Mom and Dad's the next morning and discovered they got considerably more snow - Sydney had so much playing with Mackie in the back yard in the snow.

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