Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Solid Start to the Week

It's hard to be bummed it's a Monday when mine started out as solid as it did yesterday.  First up was a Fro Yo date with these five ladies.  Lisa Q. organized a little opportunity for the people "my age" to recognize my birthday.  Given it was summer, it was an eclectic gathering of the folks who could make it - in fact Nancy and Lisa S. had yet to even have met Ann (the three gals to the right in the back row).  It was a nice visit - casual and sweet.  

I actually used the Fro Yo restroom to change into athletic attire and drove a block down the road to meet up with Alysha to walk the river path.  This is the same gal I met with a week ago - glad we made getting a picture a priority.  Another special time spent with her - such an honor that she considers me her "mentor" when I gain so much from my time spent with her.

Alright let's just get this out there - I know that as a reader it must get REALLY dull to see so many pictures of the same boat, lake, and water activities that I constantly post about.  But, each of them are a unique memory to me, so someday (when I ever get my act together to get these posts into books), I'll want to treasure over each of them.  That being said, this is the first of THREE evening boat runs we plan on taking this week.  Whew!!!  That's gonna put a dent in our Olympics viewing!  Very worth it, though.

This trip was put together to honor Daniel and Genna Streckfuss.  Daniel has worked with John for the last two years and he and his wife have decided to leave for a HUGE adventure to Qatar.  They'll be teaching English there.  I can't imagine.  That kind of plunge into such an unknown environment is not up my alley.  But, they are so excited.  Daniel is an exceptional asset to "Tyson Steele Marketing" so to have him leave is very sad for the group, but even more, John adores him as a friend and confidante at work.  Genna actually lived at the Trinity House, so there are overlapping connections with other folks we know all over the place.

Cue couple number two, John and Betsey Jaskilka.  John is the Childrens' Director at our church.  These two are AMAZING - and close friends to the Strekfuss'.   I can't imagine anyone who doesn't love this couple.

The other folks on the boat were Keala - who has been close friends with Genna since their days together at Trinity-

And Jacob, who is very close buddies with John and is now the Pre-Teen Director at our church.

Time to get John J. up on the wakeboard.

I made Monster Cookies....they were a hit.  =)

Next up, Genna on the Slalom Ski.  She is so graceful out there.

Betsey's turn on the board.

And, finally Jacob up on the slalom ski.

See the moon rising over the hills?

Can you say, "OUCH"!!!!!

He survived.  Whew!

The sun was getting low on the horizon and the water was turning into glass.  Though I had not even donned a swimsuit and was wearing street clothes, I did something totally out of character and decided to take jump in the water fully clothed to take a run on the board.  I just couldn't help it - the lake was calling to me!!!

My eyes are closed here....just taking in the glory of it all!

Tube time!  Mikayla was so brave to get in between John and Jacob to take a run.

Jacob got thrown off (see him swimming to the right?).   So impressed Mikayla continued to smile through it all!

That Jacob...man, he had a rough night!

Mikayla wisely chose to let Jacob and John go at it by themselves.

These two are hilarious together!

Gorgeous night - we pulled off the lake, unpacked and took a final group picture.  What a great evening!

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Tiffany said...

These pictures look SO fun!!! I love that Mikayla smiles ALL the time....so sweet!:)