Sunday, July 22, 2012

Salvaging the Day

Today didn't go quite like we had planned.  But, really I'm okay with it.  It all worked out.

When you are geared a little more on the Introvert scale vs. Extrovert disposition, birthdays are a bit of an issue.  I think Facebook is the best thing that ever happened to my birthday in that its just perfect in how I want to be celebrated.  I can read the sentiments on my own time and feel appreciated and recognized - but not feel the pressure of accepting them in person or reacting in a set way.  John loves the big parties - for me, it makes me feel like I'm on display and not 100% comfortable.  It's not that I don't like them, but if it's my birthday and my opportunity to choose - I'd prefer to avoid the big crowd and all the expectations that comes with it.

Fortunately, I've always got Michele to celebrate with - so the question them becomes, what do we do to make the day more fun than we would normally have on any given visit?  Michele and Michael had a wedding they had to leave for at 11am, so unless we planned something for later in the evening, our birthday together would end then.  So, we opted to go to Bullwinkle's - which has been an annual activity with the Meyers for the later afternoon up near Portland.

Our morning began with John making a delicious breakfast for us and followed shortly after with a surprise visit from Heather - stopping by before she takes off for South Dakota for the week. 

When Michael and Michele left for the wedding, we chose to go see "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" with Travis and Steph and the kids at the Dollar Theater.  We've wanted to see that with them since we saw the previews, but missed the window when it came out in the big theater.  It was really fun - I'll give it two thumbs up!  (Not necessarily advisable for kids....but a load of fun for us).

As soon as I walked out of the theater, I realized Bullwinkles wasn't gonna happen.  My head was still hurting - and I barely got through a stop at Target before it intensified so much to send me straight to bed upon arriving at home.

Now before I start lamenting on the despair of this - I want to explain that when you are a headache sufferer, there are ways of coping.  For me, one of the ways is taking huge comfort in being in a "safe place".  That safe place is my bed, with ice and maybe an episode of "Scooby Doo" on as white noise in the background.  Perhaps having enough time to get an anti-nausea medicine down so that can be off the table of symptoms.  Just, having the ability to be SAFE.  To try to sleep it off.  To not have to drive, or visit with folks, or agonize through an activity worrying I will hit the wall and completely break down.  Given that was the EXACT scenario that took place at "Bullwinkles" last year - to make the decision to avoid it altogether when I was worrying so much of a repeat was a huge relief.

Sleep and ice did help.  Also knowing Michele and Michael were forced to come back and reunite to get their kiddos helped too.  (We expected to deliver them post wedding at "Bullwinkles")  By about 5pm, I was able to get up and hang out with them for a while - watch some fun tv and compare Facebook greetings.

Now, I'll admit to watching the "Bachelorette" Finale on tv - and feeling very content.  Just us four, me on the couch - headache at around a 1 or 2 pain level.  Perhaps, afterall, close to how an introvert would really want her 40th birthday celebrated!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from another introvert who feels the same way. I'm so sorry about the headaches. It must be awful to suffer throught them on a regular basis. Poor girl. I wish you the best.

Neha said...

Awww...really sad that you had to suffer through a headache on your special day. I too suffer from migraine and know how it feels. Nevertheless, am glad you went to the theatre and had a good time with friends and family. That lovely breakfast from your husband must have given a great start to your day!

I too don't like celebrating my birthday. It's exactly a month away and have told my husband not to have any big celebrations!

Take care and lots of love!

sara said...

we are the opposite husband would rather celebrate with one or two and I want the BIG celebration...the more the merrier for me!! But I am glad your birthday ended up being one more to your liking...other than the headache.

Tiffany said...

So glad the day ended on a good note! I completely understand the "safe place" comfort....I've been there (my bed) for two days now; not exactly how I intended spending the last days of my summer vacation, but i'm thankful for good medicine and all these boys taking good care of me!!:)