Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Catching Up

First of all, I want to thank all of you that commented....Neha, Sara, Carrie, and Tiffany for the birthday sentiments.  Your well-wishes and love sent my way really made my heart swell.

The headache pretty much dissipated by Monday morning, though I will confess that my back feels like a battering ram went at it.  Hmmmm, I think it might have something to do with that tube ride with Travis and Chele, but that's just a theory! =)  (Despite the achiness, I don't regret a moment of that ride!)

I thought I'd put some pictures up of the girls on the day we picked them up from Harlow.  They had a FANTASTIC time.  Kimmie spent most of the week with them, so essentially they had the three greatest gals you could ask for in terms of leaders.  Kimmie (aka Phoenix), Micaela (aka Ariel), and Tess (aka PJ).

Tess is on the left and Micaela is on the right of Mikayla.

On Monday, I was asked to hang out with a college gal named Alysha.  I have to admit, I felt so disoriented from the active pace of my life and the headache over the weekend, that in my mind, the only way to resolve the chaos was to have a day to catch up.  God had a different plan in mind.  After going on the hike with Alysha and spending about three hours with her, the Lord gently reminded me that life is about more than just MY schedule, laundry load, headaches, turning 40 or whatever the recent distraction has been.  Alysha is amazing and her story of God's redemption and rescue in her life is extraordinary.  I feel so honored she asked me to have a place in her life....God is so good to put me in this ministry position.  Wow.

Syd was happy to go too - as seen by this picture after she found some wet mud along the road we were hiking.  That dog is absolutely attracted to anything that would make a mess of her!

The kids have spend a good chunk of time with the Meyers kids already this week.  Man, how huge is it that they all have each other (especially since this is one of the few weeks this summer the cousins aren't here).  I think a bike ride is in the line up for the day.

Yesterday we had a couple of other visits.  Kaela came by and we FINALLY got a chance to catch up.  She spoiled me with a sweet card and presents perfectly suited to me and has orchestrated an evening on Thursday with my preferences in mind for my birthday.  SO blessed to have her in my life.

Leona also stopped by.  She's headed cross country again to Minnesota for a reunion.  I love that she is so happy traveling....her active pursuits and letting nothing hold her back is such an inspiration to me.

Finally, one of these stopped by our house yesterday:
A Blue Heron.  It soared over our roof and landed on the roof of the house next to ours.  It then played around up there for a while.   These beautiful birds aren't uncommon along the river and ponds nearby, but to have it above our own home with its giant wingspan soaring overhead...SO COOL!!!!

Hope you all are having a great start to the week....

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Neha said...

The pictures say it all. Stay happy and blessed always!