Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Camping with the Boys

As I mentioned in the previous post, we felt the need to go camping with our boys as we've already given that special attention to the girls.  Let me just say right now that we do indeed consider ourselves enormously blessed that our boys, ages 14 and 13, still are not only willing, but DESIRE to go camping with their moms.

With that said, now that the experience is all said and done, I can report that it was a vastly different experience going with the boys vs. the girls.  The opportunity to just relax with them around...uh, not so easy!  There was no "go in the tent and play with your Webkinz for two hours" with our boys.  Instead, they were bored within ten minutes of having the tent and campsite set up. 

This is "Frog Lake" where the campground was nestled.  Unfortunately, while it took a little road to get to, it was actually much closer to the highway than we thought - a little disappointing as we laid in bed at night and instead of hearing frogs, we were hearing semis climbing the summit.

Not long after setting up, we opted for a hike - which is something that the boys are MUCH more willing to do and capable of doing.  However, we weren't sure which route we were going on, so we ended up turning around too soon.

So, some time was killed while the boys had us take pictures of them running and leaping into the air.

We figured, with all that leaping, the boys would be content to sit mesmerized by the fire and be still.  Oh, man - not at all!  They were carving sticks, burning torches, throwing knives, and performing their version of "Parkour" along the stumps and logs nearby.  Michele and I kept looking at the time and thinking, how much longer before we can go to bed?

Eventually, the rain made the decision for us, and forced us into the tent early.  We were ever so thankful that my cell phone came loaded with a movie on it when it was originally purchased so the boys had something they could cuddle up and watch and let us sleep.   We were also thankful that their were some concrete plans in place for the following day that would certainly keep the boys busy and active without too much effort on our behalf.


Tiffany said...

Yep! I cant definitely relate to this post. ♥ my boys!:)

StephieAnne said...

Tiffany - thought of you often during our trip. It's a whole different ballgame with boys! =)