Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Caverns, Caves, and Waterfalls

Day three of our camping trip.  Ahhhh, they looks so sweet and cuddly!  They ended up sleeping in until close to nine (Brayden) and ten (Traig) this morning.

We opted to bypass the freeway in going home and instead headed south through Central Oregon.  This took us along this site - the Ogden Bridge.  There were all sorts of signs at the rest stop imploring folks to leave their dogs inside their cars based on how many animals have been lost over the cliff's edge.

After going through such metropolis' as Warm Springs, Madras, Terrebone, Redmond (sarcasm!) and a fun lunch and saunter through Sisters - we stopped off at Sawyer's Ice Cave.  This is a location we took the girls to on our adventure last year, but the boys had yet to see.  They were impressed.

Next up, Sahalie Falls.  This is one of my all time favorite places in Oregon - so breathtaking in its beauty.  The color of the water due to all of the oxygenation is unbelievable.  Traig had never been there before - once again, he was impressed.

We finally made our way home around 6ish - all ready for showers and a couch.  I think the boys would definitely say they enjoyed themselves and already committed themselves for another round next year.  That's all we needed to hear to feel like it was a success!

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Tiffany said...

This is definitely an adventure any you fella would enjoy!!!:) Glad you guys had a safe trip!