Saturday, August 04, 2012

Celebrating Stephie Through Whitley's Shower

I think we earmarked August fourth as the date for Stephanie's baby shower back in March.  I can't believe we've already arrived at this day....indicating just how close we are to finally meeting precious Whitley!

What we didn't know back in March, however, was that today would end up being the hottest day of the summer!  103 degrees probably sounds downright cool for those of you suffering in the south, but it was causing a lot of us to melt.  Even now, at nearly 8:30pm, it is still 91 degrees outside.  


Kristen, Travis' sister, and Sheryl, Travis' mom, offered to supply the cake for this event.  The "cake" included a "diaper cake" centerpiece, homemade cake pops, and the most delicious raspberry poppy seed cream cheese cake ever!

After most of the group had arrived, Sheryl led us in a very heartfelt prayer in thanks for Whitley and in preparation for digging into brunch.

What the brunch included:

Those flowers were picked when we went out to the lake on Thursday evening (blog post still to come on that).  They were perfect and filled five mason gotta love gorgeous road-side -free- flowers!

We kept the food spread inside to make sure it stayed fresh and free from insects, but the party itself was on our side patio.  Fortunately, most of it was in the shade from the gazebo.  Stephanie was definitely "showered" with a plethora of presents!

Thanks to Pinterest, one of the activities of the morning was to fill out a "Wishes for Baby" card.  Travis later commented that they treasured the answers each guest filled in.  It was nice as you could answer light-hearted or heart-felt.  (For example, one of the fill-ins was "I hope you ignore"....and Mikayla filled in "Brayden".  - Nati filled in "Traig")  =)

On to present opening time.

This is a blanket that our girls (the four in the above picture) put together with Amy's help.

Ann and Nancy - two very special ladies Stephanie knows through church.

We all scooted in and got cozy to watch the present opening - not to mention gravitating toward the shade!

I wasn't able to get a shot of Stephanie with her mom and sister.  Mandy (her sister) and Kay (her mom) are seated at the very left in this picture.

The "Thursday Night Ladies" that were able to be in attendance for Steph's shower.

The girls of the "Alexander" lineage....

Stephanie, with Sheryl and Kristen (Travis' mom and sister) and the cakes that were so incredible.

The other activity was the opportunity to make headbands for Whitley.  (Steph is not a fan of party games - nor am I, so that worked out just fine for me!) 

These three girls were such HUGE helps in preparing for the shower (as well as Michele....I felt like I should be calling her Cinderella with all of the cleaning chores she was voluntarily taking care of).  And, all of the help from the girls was done without complaint as they love Steph so much and were willing to do whatever it took to make the day special for her.

Eventually, those that stuck around a little longer gathered inside where the air conditioning kept the temperature much more comfortable.  We were able to watch Galen Rupp - an Oregonian and Eugene favorite, take the silver (his running partner from England took the gold) in the 10,000.

What an honor it's been to put this shower together for Stephanie.  She so deserves all of the praise and adoration that came her way this morning.  What a treasure she is to all who know her!

A perfect picture to end this blog post.  Soon this family will be three, and oh, how we can't wait!