Monday, July 16, 2012

It's the Girls' Turn at Harlow

This was the scene about an hour ago as we dropped the girls off at Harlow for their turn at a week spent out there.  Erica, and her BFF Rachel had not yet arrived to top off what appears to be one rockin' cabin - with two amazing leaders - Ariel and PJ (both gals that Mikayla has had as assistant coaches in sports).  

Mikayla has been packing since the 5th of July - so excited for this week and the fun that it promises.  My prayer for her is that night-time anxiety (worry about not falling asleep) will not plague her - as it is her nemesis.  Hopefully, she'll be so exhausted from the non-stop fun of the day that she'll be asleep before her head hits the pillow!

It's also Jackson's week out at Harlow - Andrew and Brayden helped to get him settled in while we tended to the girls.

I still owe myself a big ol' post about the visitors and fun adventures we had Friday night and Saturday.  However, we are currently packing up to go camping with just Traig and Brayden (it's their turn for some wilderness time with their moms!) - So, typing on the computer is not getting those items on the "to-do"/"to pack" list checked off - especially if we are aiming to leave in an hour.

If I could request a little prayer - yesterday I had a very bad headache day.  It was brought on by too much time in the sun with too little water being bad!  Anyway, Mom did an excellent job helping to work it out so that my pain level went from about a 10 at the start of the day to a .5 by the end of the day.  Hallelujah!  However, there's still some issues lingering this morning which feels eerily similar to the first day of our camping trip with the girls.  I've had such a good stretch of being relatively pain free - I'm just hoping to quickly return to that place.  Thank you!

I'll be back in the land of blogging probably Wednesday evening - in the meantime - blessings to you all and have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

I hope all the kids have fun and you feel better. Best wishes.