Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sunday on the Lake

Upon looking at our calendar and realizing the weekend was empty, we gave Heather a call and asked if she was free to come out.  Heather is on a rigid training schedule with her running, so during her short time period when she's not racing, she wanted to take advantage of the time off by doing a few of the "riskier" things - like getting on a wakeboard.

The weather was SO MUCH BETTER than it was when we went out with Kenjon, Michael, and Kaela - in fact about 40 degrees warmer.  Enough to give Heather some pretty crispy legs by the time we were done. Ouch!  

We ended up having Heather determine who she wanted to go with her and she brought along Elisa - a sweet gal we know through church and the community of 20-somethings Kaela and Heather "do life" with.

This is the first time I've been on the tube in a while - my neck/head has been really good lately, so I was willing to take a few risks to "play".  I'm so glad I did.  We did a lot of laughing as we hit the bumps, took a little air and got whipped around.  While my back has been a bit achy since our adventure, praise God that my neck was not in anyway negatively affected by the experience!

We still had Traig with us after counseling at Harlow - I love how big all three of their smiles were throughout the multiple runs we took with them.

Heather - on the board!  The water was pretty cruddy for wakeboarding.  I took a run, but opted to hang on for the exercise element as it sure wasn't a thrilling experience with that much turbulence.

Elisa's turn on the board.

Elisa lives full time in one of the residence cabins at Harlow as she is a year-round office worker/hospitality specialist.  So, she knows the ins and outs of Harlow and was eager to do some hand motion songs with the kids in the back, as well as pull out her "inner kid" during the time we twisted the boat around in 360's.

Great day - super low key and relaxing, just the way a boat run ought to be!

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