Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Family Fun Day"

That was the title for the party going on at ESTC (the place where I work out and we swim) - but it seemed like a pretty good title to sum up the experiences of our day. John was absent for the day as he and Travis took the boat to Triangle Lake to pull high schoolers at their mini-retreat. Poor guy - he had to leave the house at 6:15..... I didn't even pull out of bed until nearly 3 hours later.

This was a little bit of snuggling that Michael and his girls shared:

After Ellie woke up a little bit, she shared some special time with another boy-

Around noon, we finally got our act together to get to the pool. Michael, being the great dad that he is, hopped in the pool immediately to bring great delight to the kiddos!

One of the special events of the "Family Day", was a guest appearance by the UO Duck. He came waddling over to where we were laying and I made a reference to hoping our football team will make it to the Rose Bowl. He shook my hand and then turned to shake Michele's hand, at which time Michele admitted she was a Beaver fan and the Duck quickly pulled his hand away. It was quite funny. The Duck waddled away at that point - but then returned about 10 minutes later and took it upon himself to try to woo Michele over to be a Duck, by getting down on a knee and stroking her hand......SO GREAT!

This was the GIANT SLIDE set up on the grass - too bad it couldn't be at the pool everyday.

Leave it to some $2 intertubes to make the pool a brand-new super-fun experience again.

Another special event of the day was the balloon-animal maker - the kids were quite enamored.

John came home about an hour ago, and wisely chose to give his 2 tickets to a local Christian music concert to Kara to see if any of the college students would take them. He is wiped out. But, I'm pleased it means he and Brayden are staying home. Tomorrow Brayden takes off for Camp Harlow and then within the hour of coming home on Thursday will turn around with John for Sons of Thunder at Camp Tadmor. That means my boy will be gone from me for SEVEN nights in a row!!!!! I better put this computer down now and do some serious cuddlin' with my boy.....

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