Monday, July 06, 2009

So Long, Girls!

And, they are off! Ok, maybe just for the daytime hours, but off nonetheless. Oh how Michele and I love these weeks - weeks where some (or all) of our kids are at camp so that means she gets to spend the week with me. It is a very happy week for all.

This week, just the girls are at camp, so Traig and Brayden stay at home. The new twist to this is that they are old enough to be left alone for limited time periods - which means we have freedom (as do they). For two days in a row, the boys have stayed up until midnight and slept in past 10am. The boys are happy dudes - playing on the game systems, the trampoline (when we are around), and today they got to watch a repeat showing of "Transformers 2" with us. (Trying to give them some extra fun too). Good times....

Here are the girls with their counselors, Storm and Olive - they are so sweet.

Finally, a picture of them with "Dave the Wave" - the camp director and a very wonderful friend to us.

Mikayla brought a camera- (an old digital one, that I think still works) and is happy taking pictures - so I'll do another post, through the eyes of Mikayla, at the end of the week.

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Tim said...

Hey--speaking of Harlow--Sam will be at camp beginning on July 19th. Janine and I will be dropping him off and spending the night in Eugene for the first time in 10 years.

Do you guys have few minutes that day for us to say, "Hi?" Don't worry about going out of your way, but if you are around and not busy we'd love to see you.