Thursday, July 23, 2009

To Everything There Is a Season

I've been doing a lot of "whooping it up" on my blog lately. I'm sorry to those who read it and roll your eyes that, "there she goes again, highlighting all of the fun things her family does". To those who feel that way I'm sorry, but this blog is my journal/scrapbook as it literally gets published each year as our family's record book.

These days of fun pull me through the drudgery of January through March, as I look through the previous years' books and tell myself to "hold on". These are my heydays.....I take the term summer "vacation" very seriously. (Which is why I'm carrying 10 extra pounds on my body as I just can't stop celebrating). But, even though our family is happy, it doesn't mean everyone else in my life is. This week has certainly been evidence of that.

Literally, each weekday of this week, (including today), has found me grieving over someone's loss. People I care about deeply, that are suffering. In fact, just this morning had me inviting yet another friend on to the edge of John and I's bed, (embarrassed yet again over the lack of cleanliness in the room) - to have someone I love in tears - sharing their hurts and fears.

Whether it be the pain of a relationship unraveling, the loss of a dream someone had held dear, or the reality of a situation that has all of a sudden gotten much more serious, life can really suck sometimes. It can hurt profoundly and my heart aches in sympathy for these scenarios. Through it all, the one thing I'm thankful for in all of these situations this week is that each of these people have a relationship with the only true Healer. The only One that can wipe away our tears forever. It is my prayer that each of them rest in His open arms as their heart breaks in this sad season of their lives.

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Genny said...

I'm happy you've been having so much fun, but I'm sorry for the losses those you care about are experiencing!

I hope you are well; I'm just popping by to say hi. :)