Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Old School

There's a big trend in water sports AWAY from skiing. It's old school - especially with two skis. But, it happens to be John and Michele's favorite way to travel behind the boat (slalom) and last night they got the chance.

It was Michele's friend (and ours too), Melissa's, annual trip out on the boat. Her birthday is on Saturday, so this was our gift to her.

The kids were a little disappointed that this was all they got to do - they will be out on Saturday for a family run - so we'll pull out the intertube then for them.

Melissa did an outstanding job strutting her stuff on the wakeboard!

Michele was definitely on cloud nine - the water went from pretty choppy to glass as the evening progressed - you just can't get that grin off of her face when she's out.

John loves driving the boat, so it takes some primo conditions for him to be nudged into the water. Because of that, sometimes I forget just how great he is. He skis SO FAST across the wake, and leans over so much to create such huge rooster tails - it's crazy.

Here's my handsome hubby with the sun setting in the background

You gotta love this smile on Traig-

Finally, check out that glass.....


j.nelson said...

yes please.

Growin' with it! said...

man stephanie...you really know how to do summer! what a fabulous week for you & your family!

Anonymous said...

you guys sure are having a fun summer! that last picture is beautiful!!!

julie fulton said...

Stephanie, I don't know how you have time to keep up on your Blog (and comment on others) with all of the fun stuff you are doing this summer. Thanks for leaving comments on mine once in a while, I love seeing a new comment! Maybe I will see you at the Camp Harlow Pool this summer, now that I am home Steph has invited me to go with her!