Thursday, July 09, 2009

Reaching the Summit

The typical routine this week has been this:
7:15 (or so) - Wake up, wake the girls up, get breakfast, pack lunches
8:20 (or so) - Drop girls off at Harlow
8:30 - Do some sort of physical work-out (we've been to the gym, walked around the river, etc.)
10:00 - Return to the house to find boys still asleep or having just woke up..... (yes, every day this week!)

Today, we mixed it up a bit by doing our work-out at Spencer's Butte. Sydney set the pace and she was a grueling trainer, I definitely got my heart rate up. Once we reached the top, we caught our breath, drank some water, and then had our annual "Hiking Prayer Time". Very few things equal this type of worship for me - the beauty of nature, a repentant heart, and being with one of the two people who know every little intimate detail about me.

The hike wasn't nearly as remote as we would have ideally desired, and the prayer time was much shorter than we would have wanted, but it was a pretty inspiring way to start the day, nonetheless.

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j.nelson said...

how did the ankle hold up?