Friday, July 31, 2009

Tomorrow We Surf, Tonight We Rest

I'm perched in the bed of the SpringHill Suites in Hillsboro. This is a new location for us, and based on the disappointment I had upon seeing the awkward room arrangement - I realized why the Rileys like to stick to the same brand - or even particular location. We get very attached to "familiar" - and a little irritable when things aren't like we expect them to be. But, if this is the biggest irritation of the day, I'm not complaining!

We chose this place because it's on the path further west towards Cannon Beach where we will end up tomorrow morning. For sure, the kids will get a chance to learn to surf there - and perhaps I will too (we'll see how the neck feels...). John will play the role of photographer as his back is a bit out of whack. Julie, my college bud, will play the role of enthusiastic surf coach - her excitement has been quite contagious throughout this week about our visit. It seems Cannon Beach is a very SPECIAL place according to Julie - and she can't wait to show us.....

So, we are set for a fun weekend - particularly the next 24 hours. More pictures and details to come!

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j.nelson said...

it was such a fun time.. all i could have asked for was more time with you guys. love you!!!