Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho - Off to Camp They Go!

Off they go! This week is Junior Camp - a night longer than last year's "Elementary Overnight". These three best buddies got to be in a cabin (actually a covered wagon) again together - and this year, only 2 additional boys were in there with them. We were also thrilled to meet their counselor as his name had been suggested by a friend of ours as an "ideal fit" for our boys.

We are hoping and praying that they have a fantastic time. We'll be dropping off some treats and "mail", but don't think we'll actually be seeing them until we stop by for a quick "Mom's b-day Hello" on Wed. night (at Brayden's request)- and then to pick them up on Thursday night.

Until then, these three girls will keep us hopping - as they intend to have just as much fun together as their brothers.

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sara said...

I loved when my kids went to was so fun to see them blossom and grow in that atmosphere!!! miss those days!