Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What's Your Favorite Method?


It's unbelievable how many different ways we have to communicate these days. Now that I've spent more time among these college students, I've found myself trying to "catch-up" with the latest methods of technology. I've had to call T-Mobile and change my texting plan, as well as ask for help on how to do it - so it doesn't take me a half hour per sentence.

I've learned how to turn on the video when using I-Chat - and also how to duck so I'm out of the screen, or at least tilt my chin so it doesn't look like I have seven of them.

I've also bit the bullet and created a Facebook account. And, have found myself loving it. However, it can consume time - especially when so many people I adore pop up in the chat box at the bottom......=)

It's had me thinking about which methods of communication I prefer most. I've realized lately that while I enjoy the phone (cell or otherwise) - I'm a fan of it being used to "catch up" with someone, vs. supply or provide information. There's a sense of "urgency" in a phone call - and whether it be a solicitor or well-meaning friend, sometimes that ring can drive me wild! I should practice turning it off, but that part of me that has to be in the know can't ignore anything or anyone for long - just too curious.

Of course, when I'm the one cleaning house or on a boring drive, I don't mind bugging others to have them entertain me. Or, if I need an answer, to pick up the phone.

Yeah, when it comes to information accessing or retrieval - email is my favorite. I like how it is there to read and re-read - to be there when I have time to read it and respond and not scream at me like a ringing phone. Not to mention, I love finding things in my inbox, it makes me feel somehow worthy...... (even more so in my Facebook Inbox!).

When it comes to expressing affection, a note, card or letter tops all. Good ol' fashioned handwriting.....something tangible that can be put in a scrapbook or stored in a keepsake box. Something I could read over and over again....

How about you? Do you ever feel the desire to turn off the world, and if so, how long would you REALLY want that to happen - and would it be with EVERYONE? (My answers: not long, and of course not everyone.....) Are you finding new methods of communication that you love to use? Any you can't stand?


sara said...

I am such a social creature that I LOVE all the ways I can communicate. I very rarely want to tune out the world, in fact I am usually inviting the world over! However, it does take quite a bit of discipline to not spend all my time "communicating"!!

StephieAnne said...

It's all so hard to resist, huh - even when I tell myself it's for me own good!

Lois Lane II said...

Sometimes I just turn EVERYTHING off and listen to the silence. In the car (eek!!) I want to talk on the phone, but I'm really not a phone talker. I prefer facebook (lol) or e-mail or text. Face to face is my fav, though, I will say.

Colie said...

I also love all the ways to communicate, however texting drives me crazy sometimes. I love that I can quickly send a question or information to someone and they can get back to me when needed. BUT, I dislike having a conversation. It just isn't practical or personal. I work with high schoolers and thus had to get a texting plan. However, if it's more than one or two lines I'd prefer a phone call.

Growin' with it! said...

yeah, sometimes i think i'm so hip and then i admit all the techie stuff out there and i feel like an old foggie. facebook, yes...but not very committed to it. twitter, yes...haven't done it in several months. texting...takes me forever so i don't do it much. and ahhhhh, there's blogging...NOW THAT's my kinda technology. that i will let consume my time! ☺

HollieHobbie said...

I was just thinking the other day "what would it be like to turn off the computer?" like actually cancel the internet subscription. What kind of withdrawals would I have. Probably a decent amount considering I got an IPhone and find myself checking FB or my email while I am driving! in Washington, even!
I tend to do whatever I need to do to get my 10,000 words per day in..... ;)
So all that to say "I use all the above". I have a twitter but haven't taken the time to figure it out.
I have a FB that I love. and I still love email. and the phone, but phone is 3rd. For some reason, being on the computer seems less like time away from the kids than if I was to be on the phone. ANd if I get interrupted, I can just go to another task and come back, as opposed to the person on the other end of the phone hearing the chaos in the background.

Wow...way to make me think, Steph!