Saturday, May 02, 2009

Brose's Bar-B-Q

Aaron Brose is the first college guy John started meeting with this year. They hit it off really well, but Aaron ended up taking an internship beginning in January so he's been gone since this week. Everyone has missed him.....

John told Aaron that he'd take him out on the boat the first weekend back, but, alas, it's a rainy day here in Oregon, so John turned the boat invite into a bar-b-q invite - and invited a few more people (or more precisely we let them do the inviting). This sudden, spontaneous event brought about quite a festive fury of activity here at the house in preparation - but, somehow it all came together by the time everyone arrived.

Here's the gang - it turned out that it was warm enough to sit outside, but the rain was still coming down, so we crowded under the shelter.

Aaron is the guy behind Brayden.....

Three of my favorite girls - Julie is on the left, and Kara on the right

This is us playing "Carnival Games" on the Wii, Heather is the name of the girl closest in the screen, she lives in a house with Julie.

Then the guys took over the remotes......Kelli is seated in the back.

Rachel is teaching Mikayla how to braid - and she figured it out. Julie is the guinea pig used for the testing.

I love this picture - it looks like Julie is crying, it was actually a funny moment, but I think it was because Julie came in last in the Wii games.

Heather being hoisted high by Cyrus.

This is Rachel and Andrew - Andrew is Aaron's brother, and Rachel and Andrew are engaged. Ironically, Aaron is currently dating Rachel's sister, however she lives in Pennsylvania.


Anonymous said...

that looks like a great time of fellowship! i'd LOVE to be the guinea pig in teaching someone how to braid hair...i'd probably fall asleep! so relaxing!

what a wonderful group to hang out with!

StephieAnne said...

I agree about the hair part - I love it when Mikayla plays with my hair.........

Lois Lane II said... looks like y'all had such a fun time!