Friday, May 08, 2009

Spencer's Butte

I will add more to this post after I actually hike this mini-mountain with my friends, but first I wanted to say:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRIS! NUMBER 40, WOO HOO! I know you are a "closet reader" so I wanted to honor you with a birthday wish. If you aren't already there, hope you are just giddy about getting away to the warmth and fun of Las Vegas. Have a great time!

Alright, I'm back! Made it successfully up Spencer's Butte with Stephanie and Lisa (and just so you know, I wasn't trying to be "front and centered" in the pic, I set the timer and that was the easiest place to run over and "fit in"):

I ended up driving the scenic way to get there - (thanks for the directions Julie - No, I won't run right into it =) !) But, that was great as I was early and was able to see these guys along the way - a pair of wild turkeys and two deer.....

After a week of rain, this is so encouraging to see:

And, Sydney just got done with her bath after her adventures. She smelled so bad, but was so happy!

Hiking with Lisa and Steph is such a treat. I'm glad we did a half-day version and turned to our own backyard for hiking inspiration here in Eugene. I'm so blessed with not only an amazingly beautiful place to live, but incredible friends with which to enjoy it!

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j.nelson said...

okay not fair. i wasn't all there and i figured you would call if you got lost.