Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just Doing Our Thing

I'm just going to say it. This group we vacation with knows how to relax. Actually, Amy is still learning how, but by today (Sunday) we are all pleased with the progress she has demonstrated. =)

However, because of the ages of the kids now, we can do this sort of relaxing without feeling a great amount of guilt. As long as we walk them down to the park every now and then, or supervise some hot tub dips, everyone is happy. There was a pick-up game of flag football that did occur at the park, which unfortunately I missed as I've been trying to kick some pretty obnoxious headaches since I've arrived (today is the best day so far.....).

I think we are going to get off our duffs to hit the South Pool at the time it opens today - big achievement!

Yeah, I think these girls are happy enough:

Look at those muscles!

Jackson got injured, so his "girl" gave him some lovin':

Brayden, Traig, and Adam spent some quality indoor time with the computers!

Amy, learning how to relax....

Some mother-middle child bonding:

Ten kids, eating simultaneously - a success!

On to the evening bike riding - around the loop where our house is located:

Nati, a big smile as she conquered her fear of riding solo without training wheels - way to go, Natalia!

No, Michele was not choking Nati.......

Adam, succumbing to a tickle-fest by Dennis-

The evening Scrabble game - this time, Dennis won. The kids' hair was all wet from being out in the hot tub. We've had the hardest time with the tub this year, temps all the way up to 112 at times, which has lent itself to lots of efforts with hoses to cool it down.

Yeah, Michael arrived, with his 4+ inch scar from his appendectomy! This was taken this morning, as we made breakfast, waiting for the hot tub to heat back up! (John, Michele, and I (and Mikayla) traditionally wake up between 6:30 and 7:00 each morning to hop in the tub and bask in the solitude, briskness, and aroma of the high desert's my favorite parts of Sunriver vacations)

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sara said...

aaahhh! Love the pictures!!! looks like you are having tons of fun!!!